Apple, CBS, Fox, Sony, Warner Bros. and 15 others hacked?

Apple, CBS, Fox, Sony, Warner Bros. and 15 others hacked?

Summary: A hacker alleges he has compromised the e-mail addresses and passwords belonging to 20 companies. The passwords are hashed though: is this a legitimate hack or just a hoax?


Hacker UR0B0R0X claims to have compromised the websites of 20 different companies, including ZDNet's parent company, CBS. While the identities (first name, last name, and e-mail address) of the employees working for said companies appear to be legitimate, their passwords are hashed, so there's no way to verify if the logins are indeed legitimate. If they are, it's possible the hacker stole whatever data the employees in question have access to.

Here are the 20 company websites UR0B0R0X claims to have hacked: Addison Interactive, Artificial Intelligence, Apple, Brandon Yano, Bunim/Murray Productions, CBS, Emixing, Fox, NoodleHaus, Planetary Group, RPM Productions, Scarlet Terrier, Sony, Sony Pictures, Subway, Summit Entertainment, Sycamore Solutions, Union, and Warner Bros., and Vibe Creative.

Here are the credentials belonging to the 20 companies from Pastebin:

1)---------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY FOX - - ------------------------------------------------------------ name_first name_last email username password Fox Vendor [Redacted] foxVendor oU2kk5Um7CU/eymCXJslsQ==M Fox Approvals [Redacted] foxApprov V9dU4qOh+hf4ldQxpVSZEQ==M Mark Levien [Redacted] mlevien f0AuD0EioeQZnO1pLqVjAw==M Peter Leeb [Redacted] pleeb 3pgiknsWP8tIMaH+AXNzcg==M FHE Lucasfilm [Redacted] fhe baiHG2BJpKAChHs1X324+g==M Jenny Stiven [Redacted] jenny FcfXB0SVesIMzilPxgL01w==M Jonathan Tavss [Redacted] jtavss zUVFCNHofqlIstU2dRErRw==M Kelly Oram [Redacted] kellyo 1oyZT/FVRHzGx59FEfjs0B0dWezNltGqM Michelle Shnaider [Redacted] michelle TmHec65cURES1pp1KtfsuA==M ******************************************************************************************************

2)--------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY WANERBROS - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Ciara Castro [Redacted] ccastro VfZRZetokIN7Vs80q4NnqA==M WHV Interactive [Redacted] whv Aa7hyimavvNrb/sMsCeg5d11lJphO83EM Cathy Johnson [Redacted] CJohnson EZk7+Uh/22bE0zLr9//taA==M Elisa Chun [Redacted] echun 1Oz/w9zknZY4VTfmhZN5Cg==M Lauren Vu [Redacted] lvu MbUSU3WDKYXOj5Pkf9sl+w==M Mary Heimbold [Redacted] Mheimbold hwBV+665zWSuqwuFrmLq7Q==M Traci Carroll [Redacted] Tcarroll kTEmCBpxCWE4J1THDMPHVw==M WHV Interactive [Redacted] whv H3Fr+H8MMcndZkosETfs65vkgIC7zOmwM ******************************************************************************************************

3)--------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY SONY - - )---------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Jake Zim [Redacted] jake InvEEW9YN4VRBUbEbkiCcArvx5VO+ODiM

4)--------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY SONY_PICTURES - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Sony Imageworks [Redacted] imageworks gTtVsMGJAwu2oZkAIarBzg==M **********************************************************************************************

5)---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY RPM-Productions - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ name_first name_last email username password Dawn Olejar dolejar mti33IJjmFEOardMlPJ0rQ==M Joe Rhoades jrhoades ydgCViIHEovYFZ3H4HhEWg==M Monroe Robertson [Redacted] mrobertson 4f7p/0MKA/+b+0yR4bTEMg==M ***********************************************************************************************

6)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY ADDISONIN INTERACTIVE - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password AI Guest [Redacted] aiguest t4ef2L1kRPkDbyyXGmrzog==M Billy Duke [Redacted] billy ulYD4jdP90kcx70nPzmBSA==M Mark McBride [Redacted] mcbride R3pE+nogCesbC9xLCgbS/g==M Ron Pasillas [Redacted] rpasillas SEw2XmdiP1LZ6yTOz+89Sw==M Chrys Coulter [Redacted] ccoulter M58zD0JGjefN7UuTc1Gmvw==M Scott Clay [Redacted] sclay l9Qp3X4AsBhC+i4MBVnp4A==M Aaron Vill [Redacted] aaron 8CmHLWsOSCAo4sdS1TCzoQ==M Michael LeMay [Redacted] mlemay 0RcAbILuiQB13VWtUe3Dag==M Dez Einswell [Redacted] aidez CYwFisTLweRlfVEB4n5D/Q==M Anthony Malzone [Redacted] anthony Oz6Aqz1jNYTZT861ZiuqGOhVSa4oIzcjM *********************************************************************************************** 7)--------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY VIBE_CREATIVE - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Paul Holtzhausen [Redacted] paul Yx5mbDITTmv/GhbTIlVzvRJNhFL04UKzM

8)--------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY NOODLE_HAUS - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Daniel Krechmer [Redacted] dkrechmer G3gpTLbYuQWqASWwwwRDnQ==M

9)---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY SUMMIET ENTERTAINMENT - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ name_first name_last email username password Jack Pan [Redacted] jack 87ZlOY13dwsMvc/YrGrSlg==M

10)----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY APPLE - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password James Foreman [Redacted] jimf f+KkZW2PuZVvXkfXhdItH5prhV743ABuM

11)----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Decision Maker [Redacted] aiclient 8scR+pcaq2IvYHmQblzgIfEU/c3Cu2AJM

12)----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY BRANDON YANO - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Brandon Yano [Redacted] byano ujU0QcoaoOgF5RezEMyBrg==M

13)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY BUNIM MURRAT PRODUCTION- - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Cara Goldberg [Redacted] cara XDCcFQ4+/1Hsda7Cl/lJm8XNJFxAhwuKM

14)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY SYCAMORE SOLUTIONS LTD - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Deepak Sodhi [Redacted] deepak yYvQBSj3FlJB49MP/gLisA==M

15)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY PLENETA GROUP - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Chris Donohue [Redacted] cmd gz2UpeBjXzIBjZFBsJEhgoRw3moVFypYM

16)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY MADEB & UNION - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Jay Stakelon [Redacted] union h3aTQCBsAIN2wfLo39Vyuw==M

17)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY CBS TV - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Matt Gilhooley [Redacted] mattg gq2ya4oDLus50AqGRWdnna9nNUpCdJcTM

18)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY SCARLET TERRIER - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Jonathan Tavss [Redacted] jtavss PWVL4Sg1ctVVP2yQ3Ju+6Q==M

19)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY EMEXING - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Richard Furch [Redacted] rfurch asHcug12qXfhVQEH0Eb0Aw==M

20)------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Table User [#] - COMPANY SUBWAY - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name_first name_last email username password Tom Subway [Redacted] tom 1DZJovZVbgbpt12u+10Hkg==M

Right now, the hack looks very questionable. We'll know soon enough if the hack is legitimate or not.

Update on April 2: Chris Donohue, one of those affected by this hack, contacted me to confirm the story is true. He also asked me to redact the e-mail addresses listed, which I have done.

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  • Yes it is very legit!

    If he can get write access he can create an account for himself and then just replace the hashed passwords with the hash from his account! It was one way we fixed issues with Linux accounts of other users when they opened tickets but weren't around when we showed to fix their issues.
  • Expect better

    really ZD net? Your reporting on unconfirmed posts to pastebin now? Really? Expect a little bit more from you guys than to give some script kiddies a soap box.
    • sigh

      What do you expect from someone who writes like a 12 year old.
  • hm.. hacked Apple?!? Really?
  • Hmmm....

    Why so few accounts then?
    • That's exactly

      what I was wondering...Sounds like someone just wanted his hackers' name in the press..
  • compromise least of concerns, lack of actual-privacy contract irksome

    "We respect your privacy until it is inconvenient"

    This is not a privacy policy.