Apple plugs Airport Extreme Base Station firmware flaw

Apple plugs Airport Extreme Base Station firmware flaw

Summary: Apple has patched a denial of service vulnerability in its Airport Extreme Base Station firmware.In an advisory Wednesday Apple said firmware version 7.


Apple has patched a denial of service vulnerability in its Airport Extreme Base Station firmware.

In an advisory Wednesday Apple said firmware version 7.3.1 patches a vulnerability where a "maliciously crafted AFP request may lead to a denial of service."

Here's the description for CVE-2008-1012:

An input validation issue exists in the AirPort Extreme Base Station's handling of AFP requests, which may cause file sharing to become unresponsive. This update addresses the issue by performing additional validation of AFP requests. This issue does not affect Time Capsule or AirPort Express. The fix for this issue is available in the following separate updates: - - AirPort Extreme with 802.11n (Fast Ethernet) 7.3.1 - - AirPort Extreme with 802.11n (Gigabit Ethernet) 7.3.1 Credit to Alex deVries for reporting this issue.

The firmware update is the latest in a busy patch week for Apple, which updated Safari and OS X to plug security vulnerabilities. David Morgenstern has more on the functionality of the Airport update and has followed up on issues resulting from the other patches from Apple this week.

Topics: Software, Apple, Networking, Security

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  • When do you guys get to use your Apple stuff?

    It seems to me that you have to spend all of your time patching it. Doesn't Apple test stuff before they stick the big price tag on it? :(
    • Huh?

      The same can be said about Windows, patch Tuesday, virus software updates for Windows, the need to run Spybot Ad-Aware and the like, Scandisk, Defrag. Be thankful Apple and MS, as well as hardware vendors patch their systems.

      NonZealot don't behave ignorant nor naive, vendors test then test again many times over however, even then as time passes things are found that couldn't initially be accounted for; think space shuttle, cars, airplanes, home appliances, electric tool, medicine, the list goes on. Most everything requires tweaking. In the end your comment is inflammatory at best; pity huh.

      Big price tag? Other vendors sell cheap computers loss leaders perhaps, while selling very expensive computers as well, so what's your point? Why not also slam them for their high price?

      Where are your constructive comments rather than a derogatory dig.You are better than that aren't you? Truly I'd hope you are.
  • RE: Apple plugs Airport Extreme Base Station firmware flaw

    You don't have a job do you? Or a life.

    So, did Steve Jobs rape your cat or something? I wish my MS
    stuff worked as well as the Macs I have.

    I sign as a disinterested 35 year IT veteran.
  • RE: Apple plugs Airport Extreme Base Station firmware flaw

    I agree, my Mac Mini ALWAYS WORKS, and my PC and those of my friends need constant attention and maintenance.

    Like a friend said, the Macs are the LEXUS of computers, the others can get you there, but not with the same grace, elegance and reliability.

    I sign off as a CAD designer who has built many PC systems and used both Mac and PC as well as Unix workstations.
  • RE: Apple plugs Airport Extreme Base Station firmware flaw

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