Hacker movements: Murphy joins Apple; Caceres to Matasano

Hacker movements: Murphy joins Apple; Caceres to Matasano

Summary: Matthew Murphy, an outspoken hacker who is credited with several major flaw discoveries, has confirmed he is joining Apple as a product security engineer.

TOPICS: Apple, Security

LAS VEGAS - On the heels of Google's hire of browser hacking whiz Michal Zalewski comes news that another well-known vulnerability researcher is moving over to the vendor side.

Matthew Murphy, an outspoken hacker who is credited with several major flaw discoveries, has confirmed he is joining Apple as a product security engineer.

At Apple, Murphy will work on security response when vulnerabilities are found in Apple products and also with product teams on secure coding practices. The Murphy hiring is a bit of a coup for Apple, coming at a time when external hackers are aggressively looking to expose flaws and weaknesses in the company's Mac OS X and other product lines.

Murphy will also help improve the company's relationship with his peers in the hacking community.

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Separately, former Core Security product manager Max Caceres has landed on his feet at New York-based consulting firm Matasano Security. Dennis Fisher reports that Caceres will be director of research and development at Matasano.

Matasano, headed by Dave Goldsmith and Thomas Ptacek, specializes in penetrating testing and security consulting for enterprise clients. The company counts Microsoft and Mozilla among its clients.

Topics: Apple, Security

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  • In related news, iPhone infects Windows machines

    Why not? Apple infected their own iPods with a Windows virus. However, the problem with using off the shelf viruses is that most people are protected against them before you can ship your device. It makes far more sense to create your own virus, implant it in the iPhone, infect your customers who [b]dare[/b] to use an OS other than OSX, and then blame Microsoft for it! That is what Murphy's real job is going to be.
    • You really need to lay off the meds son .

      Ultimately I can easily say that you are DELUSIONAL . Don't be a jealous/hater because Microsoft doesn't make hardware . Whoops , my bad , Microsoft does make hardware , just C.R.A.P.P.Y hardware . How is the Zune doing nowadays ? In fact are the X-Boxes still bursting into flames ?
      • Well...

        Microsoft's mice have always been ok. But then, that makes sense because they expect people to point and click forever and ever.
    • Geez, don't you ever tire or your own incessant blathering?

      You REALLY need to get some fresh air and find a friend.
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
      • You need to do something about your 1 liners

        Talk about incessant blathering, your one liners offer nothing, contribute nothing, say nothing and offer nothing. Can't you find some constructive criticism or a tidbit of something useful ? If you can't type any more than 1 line, maybe you should consider taking typing classes or just stop posting as this post is nothing more than blathering, it's not incessant because it's only a one liner. If you don't like the editor, ZDNET or the articles, posts or contributors, maybe you should find another forum that you do like instead of blathering.
    • NonZealot has jumped the shark.

      What a pathetic smear attempt. Apple is firing on all cylinders right now, so
      much so that you're reduced to fabricating inflammatory stories from your
      own twisted fantasies. Time to give it up, dude... you're all done.
    • Give me a break

      If I believed you weren't serious, I'd have laughed at this drivel.

      My job is exactly as Ryan described. Thanks for playing.

      - Matt Murphy
  • Sooner or later, hackers graduate ...

    ... and have to get a job too!
    M Wagner
  • Good move on Apples behalf, good decision

    It would stand to reason that anyone able to hack into Mac's system would have to have a technical ability that proves his capability which a resume would find lacking. I think this was a very smart move on Apples behalf as it shows they have the flexibility to reward those that are capable of hacking their software instead of dragging them into court which solves and accomplishes little. Much like drug addicts in Holland, they are helped and treated so they are able to contribute to society. Over here, they throw them in jail at a higher cost to taxpayers, they get no help and little in the way of positive rehabilitation. This is why they come out and resume their ongoing threats to society instead of contributing to it.