LulzSec: "Snitches get stitches"

LulzSec: "Snitches get stitches"

Summary: LulzSec posted the identities of two people it said had snitched and landed a teenage hacker in jail. The aim was to get the FBI and law enforcement agencies to hunt down snitches.


LulzSec posted the identities of two people it said had snitched and landed a teenage hacker in jail on Tuesday.

That teenager, Ryan Cleary, was identified by the BBC, which appeared to use PasteBin to get the name. Cleary was arrested earlier Tuesday in what appeared to be a score for Scotland Yard and the FBI. It initially appeared that Cleary was a ringleader for LulzSec, which is structured to be a leaderless organization.

However, LulzSec said it was alive and well. According to @anonymouSabu, believed to be a leader of LulzSec, Cleary was ratted out, but he only hosted chats.

On PasteBin, LulzSec outed snitches with addresses, IM and IP addresses. LulzSec even provided phone numbers. The main target was m_nerva, who was outed as Marshall Webb, a Hamilton, Ohio resident.

The hacker group said:

Hi FBI & other law enforcement clowns,

LulzSec here with some juicy gossip.

This is Marshal Webb, also known as "[redacted]" in the "#pure-elite" IRC logs you no doubt have enjoyed. He was involved in the hacking of the game "Dues Ex" and was/is involved in countless other cybercrimes.

Also, he tried to snitch on us. Therefore we just did your job for you with great ease.

This moron is trying to flee the country in order to avoid serious punishment. Hunt him down:...

These goons begged us for mercy after they apologized to us all night for leaking some of our affiliates' logs. There is no mercy on The Lulz Boat.

Snitches get stitches.

It has been a curious day for the LulzSec posse to say the least.

The day in LulzSec:

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  • RE: LulzSec:

    These guys are doing wonders for my career in network security.
  • RE: LulzSec:

    These guys are intense! Kinda cool, kinda scary at the same time.
    • RE: LulzSec:


      Very very well put.
    • Don't worry...

      @Imrhien : Mitnick was more resourceful and still got caught in no time.

      You can never be so cocky against the multinationals. When they want to get you, they will and the press' not gonna defend you this time. Just ask Assange and crew.
      • RE: LulzSec:

        My thoughts exactly! Guess what, they are already turning on each other. This is the first step to downfall!
    • RE: LulzSec:


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    • RE: LulzSec:


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  • Hacker Movie?

    We could be reading the script for the next big hacker movie

    Get the popcorn Ethel !!

  • RE: LulzSec:

    Once these 6 get caught, they'll be never seen again. I can't wait for that day.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: LulzSec:

    LulzSec have vowed to target high-profile figures in the UK and US by posting their Facebook profile photo as an "OrgasmProfile". Details at:
  • RE: LulzSec:

    These are morons acting like children. Seemingly powerful behind the computer but really only cowards in real life. It takes integrity and honesty (real character) to wield such skills and NOT use it for misguided crimes. What sort of individuals attack video game companies and happily reveal a 'snitch' without any empathy toward them? Children. These aren't grown adults (40 year-old's can act like children too). Children turn each other in at a moments notice without any thought to consequence. I don't care what they do . . . they need to be caught, tried, and jailed. These are criminals. They don't even have the stomach to take up REAL moralistic/vigilante justice like those similar to wikileaks.
    • RE: LulzSec:

      @razorsyntax there is a fundamental misunderstanding perpetuated by the media. Lulzsec are not going out of their way to do damage, if they had wanted they could have actually attacked Sony, deleted swathes of data and completely taken down their system. They could also have taken that data for financial gain and not told anybody, all be millionaires and pretty much no-one would be the wiser.

      It takes integrity and honesty (real character) to wield such skills and not do that kind of damage, and not use it for selfish gain but rather the opposite, actually put yourself directly in harms way to show the world an issue you think matters. If lulzsec didn't do it, someone else would have, or already did, for completely selfish financial gain. They just didn't tell you about it.
      • RE: LulzSec:

        @deadly_dodo@... Wrong is still wrong. They illegally hacked a video game company and released the emails of thousands of users to the public. Let's turn the tables. If Sony had publicly released the email accounts of those people, Sony could be held accountable for the leak. Who holds these hackers accountable? Whether or not they, or someone else, hacked these companies doesn't matter. Who ever did it should be punished. What business is it of these children to bring a company to its knees? If they don't agree with their policies . . . go elsewhere. People cancel the Facebook accounts when they don't like the privacy issues . . . so too can these kids do the same thing. It's not heroic to put yourself in harms way to attack a video game company and then release the private information of thousands of people.

        There's more to greed than just money. Financial gain isn't a motivator to childish hackers who want to bring down a company because they don't agree to terms of agreement. There's greed of absolute power as well. History has shown that there are plenty of non-wealthy political leaders who imposed wide spread misery.

        And to assume they did this without financial gain is folly. No one knows the extent of their damage. If they're willing to expose innocent people's information to the world . . . what makes you think they wouldn't steal for financial gain?

        As they say: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
      • RE: LulzSec:

        @deadly_dodo You give them too much credit. Hacking to showcase an issue only cheapens the issue because no one focuses on the issue only on the interruption or breach of a service they use. The days of the Robinhood hackers are over. No more are they the heroic outlaws of the net. That era ended when the internet became a staple utility like electricity. Now more people than ever are affected by the childish cyber tantrums thrown by groups like this. I sincerely hope that any of the US members of this group that get caught get the full brunt of our new "cyber crimes are acts of war" policy. A little time in Gitmo as an enemy combatant might just convince them of the error of their ways. at the very least they would learn that there are very few lulz to be had in their current life.
  • RE: LulzSec:

    TBH Lulzsec are not a problem, if anything corporations and government should team up with Lulzsec, they have proven themselves far more capable of exposing real threats.

    Threats like the guys that just hacked an Australian ISP and took down 4800 domains AND deleted all backup data making their clients sites and information completely unrecoverable, probably stealing huge amounts of private data at the same time.

    REAL cyber-crime goes on on a massive scale, beyond belief, but hidden in the background. If anything we should be thanking Lulzsec for highlighting the issue and forcing governments and others to do something about it.

    Everyone in power that's mad at Lulzsec is mad because of the embarrassment caused to them or because of fundamental misunderstanding of current reality (understandable, most of them are old fuddy-duddies with as much technical prowess as a peach)

    Try to remember, the worst cybercrime is the kind you DON'T and potentially never will hear about. Or if you do, you have no-clue who did it (i.e. they don't announce it).
    • RE: LulzSec:


      Oh please, get a clue.
      First, Lulzsec are not even real hackers. They are using widely available scripts that anyone can find on the internet to attack sites with bad security. They have no beneficial expertise to provide, just the time on their hands and the motivation to be destructive.
      As for "not going out of their way to do damage", that is just plain stupid. They released thousands of innocent people's info out on the net. Where it WAS grabbed by real cyber-criminals. And used. They aided and abetted the crimes subsequently committed. They knew this would happen, and did it KNOWING this would happen, and you still find them innocent? Really?!?
      • RE: LulzSec:

        seems to me if LulzSec is using such commonly available tools to get by the security of websites, then "the bad guys" would certainly be able to achieve the same thing. I am sure that "the bad guys" would do a bit more than simply publish the info.
        Yes, this does affect us personally
        Are YOU happy that the security of the agencies that hold our personal data is so lax? I'm not.
        How many commercials for banks and credit cards do you see about how safe and secure your information is?
        Now, along comes LulzSec demonstrating it just ain't so.
      • RE: LulzSec:

        @DeusXMachina I'm sorry but I find your perception of reality to be greatly entertaining so I have to perpetuate the conversation. Firstly at what point did I say or suggest that LulzSec were innocent?

        Also for an interesting comparison when there was a death penalty in the UK for being a catholic priest (it was considered treason, for which you would be hung, drawn and quartered... a death worse than crucifiction), did that make being a catholic priest wrong or evil?

        Oh and did you actually happen to read all that I said? Because I'm pretty sure I was attempting to emphasize the fact that real cyber criminals do far more damage than LulzSec ever will and are the real threat and are the ones that should be concentrated on rather than the world spending humongous amounts of resources attempting to catch hackers that announce themselves and what they've done leaving a much easier mess to clean up.

        Just to extrapolate a second, the really dangerous hackers (strictly speaking should be called 'crackers') will either use the information they gather for their own twisted aims, without telling anyone that they've used it or got it (so victims can do nothing about it, i.e. change their information) or they will sell it on to thousands in the criminal underworld.

        The information that LulzSec posted became comparatively speaking worthless to the criminal underworld the second they released it as public information. Sure some low-level information scavengers will filter through the scraps to find the one poor sod who didn't change his information but compared to the millions of credit card numbers and parts of our e-identities that are traded every day they are relatively worthless.

        To them the LulzSec data is tainted because it is significantly less likely to hold useful data (due to its public nature, either the would be victim was smart and changed his information or another criminal group already abused it for all it was worth)

        Bizarrely I think you would find it interesting to read LulzSec's press releases, in them you will find them admitting wholly that they will most likely get caught, they do not believe they are 'above the law' they may think the law is insufficient and flawed (which it is) but they expect to be caught eventually. That sorta brings home a different kind of reality don't you think?

        Put yourself in their shoes and think why the flying f**k would I ever deliberately, knowingly put myself in a position where I expect, I know I am going to end up in prison with the entirety of the rest of my life ruined?

        In general, it would most likely help you, especially in your personal life, if you stopped de-humanizing humans. Even Hitler was a man, a man which his maid to the day she died professed to be absolutely charming. (quick Google search will confirm this). People of the world, in general, in order cope with life and their incredibly simplified ideas of reality, monstorify and de-humanize anyone that doesn't immediately fit in with their perception (or understanding) of reality.

        On that note I've got some news for you, given the right environment, you'd be one of them, or at least you'd try to be... not sure you'd have the skillz ;p
      • RE: LulzSec:

        @ deadly_dodo
        You are a fool. Where did you imply they are innocent? You certainly implied, in fact directly stated they were virtuous.
        1) "Lulzsec are not going out of their way to do damage"
        (Yes, they are.)

        2) "It takes integrity and honesty (real character) to wield such skills and not do that kind of damage, and not use it for selfish gain but rather the opposite...."

        Also, "if they had wanted they could have actually attacked Sony, deleted swathes of data and completely taken down their system."

        You clearly have no idea how security works. You have NO basis for this statement. Just because they could access the data has NOTHING to do with whether they can take down the system.

        Your "analogy" (and I use the term VERY loosely) of the death penalty in the UK is nonsensical. No, it does not make being a catholic priest wrong. But there is no correspondence in your analogy. Being a Roman Catholic (I assume you mean Roman Catholic, because the Church of England IS Catholic, and always has been, and so are its priests) does not inherently cause harm. Releasing that data did.

        It is funny that you do not see how you contradict yourself, on the one hand saying that real criminals would have done more damage, and on the other saying that the data that was stolen could not do much damage (a conclusion that is patently false.) You clearly know very little about data mining. With that data, even if the users quickly changed their passwords, I could easily then cain a LARGE number of CC and soc. numbers (good luck changing those).

        "On that note I've got some news for you, given the right environment, you'd be one of them, or at least you'd try to be... not sure you'd have the skillz ;p"

        And I've got some for you. 1) You are in no position to say what I would or would not do. 2) No one in Lulz was put in any such "position". 3) They do NOT have skillz. They ar script kiddies. They are NOT using original exploits, they are downloading scripts from the web. How do I know this? Unlike you, I know hw they did it. 4) You don't know about my 1337 /sarcasm.

        That said, I really didn't need to write any of this to prove you wrong. Godwin already did that.