Microsoft: No security patches this month

Microsoft: No security patches this month

Summary: Microsoft's Patch Tuesday train will be empty this month.A advance notice from Redmond says there are no security updates on tap for Tuesday, March 13, the day set aside for software fixes.

TOPICS: Security, Microsoft
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday train will be empty this month.

A advance notice from Redmond says there are no security updates on tap for Tuesday, March 13, the day set aside for software fixes.

Microsoft said it is investigating "potential and existing vulnerabilities" but, because of its rigid patch testing routines, none of the updates are ready for this month's release cycle.

"Creating security updates that effectively and comprehensively fix vulnerabilities is an extensive process involving a series of sequential steps. All updates need to meet testing standards in order to be released. This ensures that our customers can confidently install these updates in their environment," a company spokesman said.

"There are many factors that impact the length of time between the discovery of a vulnerability and the release of a security update, and every vulnerability presents its own unique challenges," he added.

The last time Microsoft did not offer security updates as part of its monthly update cycle was September 2005.

Last month, Microsoft shipped a total of 12 bulletins with patches for at least 20 vulnerabilities in a wide range of software products.

There are several known vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft customers that remain unpatched, including a critical Microsoft Word vulnerability that surfaced one day after the January release of patches. The MS Word flaw was found during an in-the-wild zero day attack.

According to eEye's Zero Day Tracker, there are five well-known bugs in Microsoft products that are without fixes. FrSIRT has a more comprehensive unpatched list that includes two remote code execution flaws affecting Microsoft Office.

Topics: Security, Microsoft

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  • (nt)What will I do on the 13th!?

    • Take a deep breath

      Take a long deep breath because this means that April will suck.

      Ryan Naraine
      • Yeah!

        April who? You got her phone number?
      • I hope they break the cycle for Windows users' sake...

        I hope they break the cycle for Windows users' sake, there are still at least 5 zero-day exploits running about since last month. That'll be two months without a patch.

        Batton down the hatches, I guess.
      • Is this

        The Microsoft version of an April fool's day Joke then?
    • time change ?

      why not just keep the same DST all year long...?? this is old fashioned...
      • i'm all for buying farmer john and friends...

        ...shiny new alarm clocks that hook up to their ipods and automatically change the alarm time twice a year, but lawmakers don't see it that way. i even think there's a lobby group about this issue.

        honestly, i'm all for replacing the agricultural school calendar with a year-'round one and abolishing DST. both have proven themselves archaic and costly in this day and age.
        • FORE!

          I, for one, look forward to the expansion of DST. Here in the upper latitudes of MN it
          will make it possible to get in a few more rounds of golf after work while the sun do

  • This is the Dog Bites Man story, isn't it? (nt)

    The Banjo

    Software writing could never be as impossible as Microsoft portrays it to be.Microsoft is failing in many areas and they are spreading this panic over the mass mind.
  • A miracle

    It's a miracle no patches on patch Tuesday!
  • A miracle

    It's a miracle no patches on patch Tuesday!
  • A miracle

    It's a miracle no patches on patch Tuesday!
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