Mozilla's Window Snyder heads to Apple

Mozilla's Window Snyder heads to Apple

Summary: Apple has hired former Microsoft and Mozilla security specialist Window Snyder to help secure its Mac ecosystem.

TOPICS: Apple, Browser, Security

Apple has hired former Microsoft and Mozilla security specialist Window Snyder to help secure its Mac ecosystem.

Snyder, who last worked as Mozilla's security chief, confirmed she is joining Apple as senior product manager for security.

At Mozilla, Snyder introduced the concept of threat modeling into the Firefox development process and spearheaded a metrics project to measure the effectiveness of the open source group's secure development efforts.

Prior to joining Mozilla, she worked on hardening Microsoft's Windows operating system.

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Snyder is the second big-name hire for Apple's security department.  Last May, the company snagged former OLPC security chief Ivan Krstic to work on core Mac OS security.

Apple has struggled to cope with a sharp rise in security vulnerabilities in its software products and the annual embarrassment of seeing its Safari browser trivially hacked at the CanSecWest Pwn2Own contest.

Topics: Apple, Browser, Security

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  • Interesting to see...

    ...a former MS security employee has worked for and is going to work for 2 companies that have ripped MS for it's security. Seems sort of ironic.
    • I was also wondering the same thing

      I dont know if its just hypocrisy or what. But One thing is finally clear,
      Apple is now beginning to have their OS dissected by hackers after its
      now gaining some real popularity.
    • yeah, I thought osx was secure by design!

      I guess not.
      • Of course it's secure

        OS X is unbelievably bulletproof. She'll have an easy job, and can spend
        her days playing Minesweeper.
  • re: of course it's secure

    Boy I really hope that was meant to be sarcastic.
    has tons of security vulns, and they tend to be
    slower at closing them up.
  • Why can't spammers learn to spell?

    I personally refuse to purchase anything from spammers that are spelling challenged or have a weird sense of the English language.
    I have seen this anomality recently in these talkbacks. Does anyone monitor these forums?
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