Opera browser dinged by code execution flaw

Opera browser dinged by code execution flaw

Summary: Opera releases version 10.01 to fix three documented flaws, including a memory corruption issue that exposes users to code execution attacks.


Mozilla isn't the only alternative browser maker struggling with serious security problems.

On the same day Mozilla shipped a Firefox update to fix multiple critical vulnerabilities, Opera dropped a major patch to fix three documented flaws, including a memory corruption issue that exposes users to code execution attacks.

[ SEE: Firefox hit by multiple drive-by download flaws ]

Here's the skinny:

  • Advisory #1: Specially crafted domain names can cause a memory corruption in Opera, which may lead to a crash. Successful exploitation can lead to execution of arbitrary code.  Rated "extremely severe."
  • Advisory #2: Opera may allow scripts to run on the feed subscription page, thereby gaining access to the feeds object. This can be used for automatic subscription of feeds, or reading other feeds.  (Less severe)
  • Advisory #3:  In some cases, a Web font intended to be used for page content could be incorrectly used by Opera to render parts of the user interface, including the address field. This can be used by a malicious site to display a false domain name in the address field. (Less severe)

Patches for these flaws area available in Opera 10.01.

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  • Just think.

    MS is being forces to promote these things in Europe.
    • Just think.

      For every single flaw in one of "these things",
      there are over a dozen in IE.
  • Opera is great.

    Ultimately customizable, fast, and for some reason (have no clue why) all pages are crisper/more clear on Opera than on other browsers. Maybe a font issue - no clue tho.
  • So what about 8 users worldwide at risk?

    As was pointed out recently by someone else in another opera thread, no matter how good/fast/secure opera gets, as long as theyre run by a bunch of whining pussies no one wants to use it...
    Johnny Vegas
  • I love Opera...

    I have noticed some clunkiness with it lately. I tried to install a different java and I think I screwed it up.
  • Is this note worth reading?

    Do you post something like this everytime a browser is dinged by code execution flaws, because it happens all the time, and Opera is where it happens the least.
    • no

      for 10 000 security flaws in IE, it's not news.

      i guess firefox and opera are so superiror that any flaw is news.

      that tells you enough
  • Not the only browser

    For the MS haters, IE is not the only browser that needs security updates or has security flaws. They all do.
  • Never Ending Browser Vulnerabilities

    All browsers by their nature have and will continue to have numerous security holes, from a recent blog post:


    "The potential number of yet to be discovered programming mistakes that can be exploited by attackers is at least one or two orders of magnitude greater than previously thought. There?s no end in sight to the relentless onslaught of critical vulnerabilities and security patches for web browser users. Worse yet, the vast majority of computers are ill-prepared for the malware attacks that exploit them.

    The potential vulnerabilities reside not just in the individual web browsers, their plug-ins, and their supporting library software components but also in the interoperability or communications amongst them. Security penetration/stress testing and cyber crime exploits have historically focused on the individual components."
  • Ahhh! Stop the world...

    Opera has another vulnerability!
  • RE: Opera browser dinged by code execution flaw

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