Window Snyder leaves Mozilla

Window Snyder leaves Mozilla

Summary: Mozilla security chief Window Snyder is leaving the open-source group.Snyder, who joined Mozilla after stints at Microsoft and Matasano Security, announced her exit on the Mozilla security blog today.

TOPICS: Browser, Security

Window Snyder leaves MozillaMozilla security chief Window Snyder is leaving the open-source group.

Snyder, who joined Mozilla after stints at Microsoft and Matasano Security, announced her exit on the Mozilla security blog today.

Snyder writes:

I will be leaving Mozilla at the end of the year.  I am sad to be leaving, but I am excited to go work on something I have always been passionate about.  I wish I could tell you about it now, but that will have to wait for a while.

She said Mozilla security response issues will be handled by Johnathan Nightingale, Lucas Adamski, Brandon Sterne and Mike Shaver in the interim.

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Snyder's exit comes at a crucial time for Mozilla, which is locked in a competitive battle for Web browser market share.  At Mozilla, Snyder helped put a public face on the company's security response efforts and took the lead on several important initiatives that're being shared with the wider community.  These include projects around threat modeling, training and vulnerability metrics.

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Snyder is passionate about threat modeling, having co-written a book on the subject with Frank Swiderski so it's possible she is going back into the secure software development world.

Or, maybe, Washington?  Snyder was a vocal supporter and campaigner for President-Elect Barack Obama.

UPDATE:  Dennis Fisher reports that Snyder is leaving to help fund a start-up unrelated to security.

Topics: Browser, Security

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  • Interesting

    Very interesting and relevent update
  • Nice "public face"

    A loss for Mozilla.
  • Sounds like she is unable to keep a job.

    This day an age, jumping ships every 6 months amount to one of two things:
    - Insecure worker.
    - Incompetent person

    I'm assuming this lady is the 1st. But my sincere sugestion to Miss Snyner is stop hurting your future and stay with a company for a few years.

    Today's managers are smart enough to see the liability in people like her. A person who can't keep a job for a more than a few months is not a person you can count on. Even if that person is very good at his or her job, it is also a person who can potentially leave you hanging when you need them the most. The last thing you want is your best worker leaving the company during a high visibility deadline, leaving everything half done.

    Don't know how good Miss Snyder is at her job, but I can guarantee you that if I was asked to evaluate a resume like hers (with many top names, but little job experience), I would have no choice but to reject the application.
    • Talk is cheap

      I don't know her or you... but she seems skillful in self-promotion... which means odds are, she'll have a lot more money than most of us.

    • Hope you're not a manager, then

      You need a box and a street corner... somewhere else. You need to look things up before you disparage people. She's been there since Sept 2006. She had her own security company before that, sold to Symantec for $46M. She's co-written a book on security. She's going to work again privately on security. Excuse me, but she's _done_ things. Why continue to stay with a company when you've been a benefit to them, but now can build another company that _employs_ more people? What are you on about? What are you on?
      Notas Badoff
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  • RE: Window Snyder leaves Mozilla

    What if it wasn't her?

    Speaking from experience, what are you going to do when someone finds you and drops a sizable increase in money, signing bonus, extra vacation - sooner, etc.?
    Mihi Nomen Est
  • RE: Window Snyder leaves Mozilla

    It is a big lost for Mozilla. I wish her well on her future endeavors.
  • RE: Window Snyder leaves Mozilla

    In his post above, Wackose wrongly implies that Ms. Snyder left Mozilla after 6 months, which is absolutely untrue. She began work at Mozilla in the end of 2006. And she ended work there at the end of 2008. That's about two years, which is not too short in my opinion. Window Snyder has been building a career in computer security. She held top positions at Microsoft and Mozilla for two years each. That's a good sign on a resume, but I'd guess that she wouldn't need a resume to get the kind of jobs she's going to get in the future.

    Furthermore, I doubt that she would accept a job with a "manager". Look at her job titles: Director of Security Architecture, Senior Security Strategist, Chief Security Officer of Something or Other. Founded a company and that sold to Symantec for $49 million. She is the Man with a capital M.
  • RE: Window Snyder leaves Mozilla

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