marketplace: the poor man's Playboy? marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

Summary: Sears is getting frisky this Valentine's day with some racy images in their marketplace! Read all about it here and share your thoughts afterward.


This Valentine's day, Sears is dealing with its marketplace making things perhaps a little too hot for some to handle. For those unaware, Sears has a marketplace where they allow other companies to sell products -- be it glasses, lingerie, or otherwise. As such, the companies selling their products are able to use their own images within the product ads in the marketplace, and, apparently, Sears hasn't been doing a very good job of monitoring/filtering those images.

As first spotted by a user on Reddit, when you performed a search on for "cami top," the results yielded some rather racy imagery that many would consider inappropriate for the retailer's site. The primary result people noted is below (with my SFW (Safe For Work) edits, of course):

As of the time of this writing, however, a search for "cami top" on currently redirects you to Sears's home page, and many of the results that originally returned from the search have either been removed from Sears's site, or edited to show the following in the search results:

But even though Sears is obviously aware and taking action, current searches on their marketplace don't have to be too creative to still yield racy results that deserve filtered treatment:

All I have to say is, "What about the children, Sears!? Think about the children, man!" Lighthearted joking aside, I expect the amount of attention that has been generated from this will motivate Sears to reconsider the openness of the platform their marketplace currently operates on.

What are your thoughts? Obviously, adults browsing adult-oriented clothing/material is fine, but how much -- if at all -- do you feel Sears should restrict their marketplace due to minors? Do you think the "mature content" image in search results will suffice? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

-Stephen Chapman

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  • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

    I will need to go to the site to form my own opinion.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

      @Loverock Davidson- I know the author did not want to ruffle feathers but what is edited out from these images are nipple shots. Try searching for the names of the clothing items that you can see in the pictures from this article to see them unedited.
  • you are right, these aren't pictures that are 'G' rated

    I seached "Morris Cami Longsleeve Top White MO1480WT" and the content is racy. I am not a prude , just asking for a proper labelling ;)
    • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

      @kpthottam@... Tame, compared to European deo and showergel adverts.

      Get a life.
  • Seriously .... somebody desperately needs to ....

    .... get out of the rectum of their religious leaders.

    It is pathetic that an adult would complain about something as simple as a semi-see thru shirt. It is not like breasts are new or unusual.

    If the problem is "the children" ... guess what? It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to monitor what your children do when going online.
    • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

      @wackoae +1

      I am always astounded at the prudishness of Americans, especially the press.

      Given the reports on saunas on the 6 o'clock news, showing naked men and women, with no blurring, here in Germany, the PSed images are laughable.
    • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

      @wackoae For what it's worth, this isn't a big deal to me, personally. I couldn't care less, but being that it is what it is here in America, it was worth the quick write-up.

      I have to say, though, that your "it's your responsibility" claim kind of misses the point. A child seeing this stuff on is akin to them seeing a woman walking around and wearing this stuff in the actual department store. In other words, is perhaps the last site a parent would ever need to filter -- much the same as Sears is the last department store a parent would ever need to keep their child out of... theoretically, that is.

      Again, not a big deal to me, personally, but it's only evenhanded to consider it being as such to plenty of others out there.
      • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

        @StephenChapman Your phrase, 'racy results that DESERVE filtered treatment,' belies your 'no big deal' statement, doesn't it?
  • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

    I agree, Stephen. Yes, adults should be able to view what they want, and adults are responsible for their children. BUT - as a parent, I would never in a million years think I had to censor my child from looking at It's different if a site is know for inappropriate content for children - for example, I would not want my child shopping on the Victoria's Secret or Fredrick's of Hollywood sites. But Sears, Macy's, JCP, etc. I would not expect to have any nudity beyond a typical bra/panty or bathing suit ad.
    • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

      @kinys That's right, keep your kids from seeing disgusting things like human bodies, and they will never have disgusting sex!
      That should work! Just look at the teenage pregnancy stats in the bible belt.
      Works like a charm!
  • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

    Try this page at Sears
    preferred user
  • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

    Pre-playboy Sears was THE catalogue,.. I remember.
  • RE: marketplace: the poor man's Playboy?

    Is there anyone left in the world that doesn't understand that sex sells? Obviously not Sears.