10 technology trends that will define enterprise architecture in the 2010s

10 technology trends that will define enterprise architecture in the 2010s

Summary: In terms of technology trends shaping enterprise architects' jobs over the next three years, its all about cloud, cloud, cloud and mobile.


Forrester Research's Brian Hopkins and co-researchers recently assembled a list of the top 20 trends that will define (or redefine) enterprise architecture between now and 2014 (10 top technology trends and 10 top business trends).

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

In terms of technology trends over the next three years, its all about cloud, cloud and mobile. Here is Forrester's top 10 list:

1) Elastic application platforms emerge to handle variable scale and portfolio balancing. "A new generation of elastic applications is emerging to help firms realize cloud computing benefits," Hopkins observes.

2) Platform-as-a-service crosses the chasm. What does Hopkins mean by this?  He observes that despite a lot of interest in PaaS by early adopters, "a wide chasm exists in technology maturity" before a majority of the market will adopt it.

3) Data services and virtualization reach critical mass. "Over the next three years... leading firms will implement data services to extend their enterprise data warehouse and/or to operate in a multitechnology environment with a mix of physical and virtual data stores."

4) Holistic integration enables agile enterprises. The silos are breaking down, but technology "does not overcome cultural obstacles." A more holistic approach is emerging to address both technical and business integration, says Hopkins.

5) Social technology becomes enterprise plumbing. "Social interaction will become part of normal workflows, and applications must be architected from the inception to enable this."

6) Improved virtualization sets the stage for private cloud. "Expect to see more focus on virtualization maturity to raise utilization rates, standardization, and automation," Hopkins says.

7) Always on, always available is the new expectation. High availability will be the watchword for IT. Expect to see such improvements as "cloud-based disaster recovery services."

8) Network architecture evolves to meet cloud demands. "Over the next three years, firms will consolidate their network tiers to a flattened topology using virtualization features that are already a part of most currently shipping data-center-class switches."

9) Personal device momentum changes mobile platform strategy. "Strategic changes will include IT support for at least BlackBerry, iOS, and Android devices as well as much more openness to individually liable devices connecting to corporate resources."

10) The app Internet ushers in the next generation of computing. Expect to see fully enabled context-aware and secure app-based mobile computing, Hopkins says.  Also, the jury is still out on HTML5 development versus platform-specifc app development.

In an upcoming post, we explore Hopkins' 10 top business technology trends shaping EA.

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  • RE: 10 technology trends that will define enterprise architecture in the 2010s

    Under the hood of all these trends sits a lot of flash-based memory appliances, future storage-tiering, and enabling software: Without the extra speed and persistence of flash hitting enterprise IT as seamlessly as any disruptive technology ever has or will, now and on-going for the next 2-3 years, not one of the above trends could happen at all. much less make the top ten list.
  • Buzzword bingo

    Leveraging enterprise synergies into vertical architectures with a single pane of glass - to whalesong and chant!

    If you ain't virt yet, it's time to do that. Virt Virt I/O demands SSD now. We go 10G on the network. That's about it for the next five years. After that consumers are at 10G peripheral interconnect, SSD's are terabyte or larger, and Memristors are shipping. Maybe optical processors will be new. For sure a processor will have at least five layers of silicon by then, and maybe the first 32GB RAM. Predicting farther out seems foolish.

    What you need to know about cloud: Servers serve users. If on the server side a server running a service is replaced with a cluster IP address that customer requests are routed to, and the cluster launches machines on demand to serve dynamic need with that service, that's cloud. The network distributes the load. That's really all cloud is. It doesn't matter if the launched machines are real or virtual, local or global, except in terms of IT security and control. The easiest way to do this is just to make all your apps web apps, because the web app distribution platform has this load distribution built in.

    If I have to sit through one more "Cloud" presentation from a NIC vendor I'm going to have to wrestle him to the floor by the throat.
    • My thoughts exactly !!!

      @symbolset This entire article was about nothing but buzz words.
  • Its an extravagant claim.

    This is an American blog - I don't think we're seeing this enthusiasm for cloud elswehere. In fact I've seen a recent article titled "Cloud not suitable for Business" or words to that effect.
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  • RE: 10 technology trends that will define enterprise architecture in the 2010s

    Needs moar buzzwords
    • *shudder*


      You just gave me a mental image of marketing execs shambling & shuffling through the office, moaning out "buuuuuuzzzwooooordss..."
    • Buzzwords


      As we know creating this kind of research or marketing language can be hard work.

      To ease the burden I have created a tool which generates this kind of XML (eXcitable Marketing Language) automatically.

      So at the touch of a button you can get:

      "The service oriented, hot pluggable, multi-threaded messaging engine enables an optimized, complex, distributed application integrating the agile, rich, event-driven infrastructure."


      "A parallel, lightweight, service oriented paradigm provides the multi-threaded, flexible, event-driven model utilizing the enriched, web enabled, object oriented abstraction layer."

      I am pleased with the results but am obviously concerned that I may attract patent complaints from Oracle, as apparently they wrote the whole Fusion Middeware website using such a tool.