Is SOA governance even possible without data governance?

Is SOA governance even possible without data governance?

Summary: Data quality: the missing link in SOA?


We talk a lot about SOA governance, and there has been no shortage of posts here at this blogsite about the importance of governance to make SOA work.

But is something being missed in the rush to SOA governance?  What about what's happening on the data side of the house? If data governance is inadequate -- information is outdated, out of sync, duplicated, or plain inaccurate -- SOA-enabled services and applications will be delivering garbarge. That's a formula for SOA disaster.

Informatica invited me to explore some of the issues between data and SOA governance at their integration blogsite, and I quote from Ed Tittel, a writer and consultant in data management, who said it best in a recent article at SearchSOA: That the linkage between SOA and data governance is vital. Tittel notes that in the rush to service-orient, many enterprises “omit issues related to data integration, management and governance in their designs.” This ultimately defeats the purpose of the SOA, as attempts to integrate systems across the enterprise hit the wall due to lack of a common data model.

To a large extent, effective SOA governance depends on effective data governance. The success of SOA depends on the underlying data model that is being accessed through services. Effective data governance helps ensure the quality of the data being delivered through SOA-enabled services.

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  • Focus on SOA governance is misplaced

    You bring up a great point Joe. This is one of the reasons why I tend to question the focus on "SOA governance." That's too narrow, IMO. Governance needs to be broader than just focusing on service lifecycles.
  • RE: Is SOA governance even possible without data governance?


    I argue that SOA and data governance are not separate disciplines:

    • I'd argue that they are separate...

      ...and unified/addressed in the context of an enterprise architecture definition.

      SOA is not the umbrella concept that covers everything. SO principles are effectively mum about data. Data is exchanged between consumer and provider. The loosely-coupled principle might impact the data exchange to some degree but that's about it. Data handling/management principles come primarily from other concepts, not SO.
  • They are orthogonal. Unrelated

    That is they are not related. Both must be there, but they are there for different reasons.

    Can you have a database without data governance? Sure, but the database would be worthless and no one would end up using it.

    Data governance is more in the area of applications and the data they use. SOA is architecture how to BUILD the applications. Not what the application does or the data it uses.
    The Rationalist