Revel Systems POS system turns iPad into cash register

Revel Systems POS system turns iPad into cash register

Summary: The Revel solution is cloud-based, which means small businesses don't need to invest in a back-office server for their point of sale technology.


After a limited test, Revel Systems has released a point of sale (POS) system that operates on Apple iPads or iPhones, turning them into cash registers. The company has tapped the Best Buy Geek Squad as its professional services partner for the launch, meaning that small businesses can turn to those technicians to help get them up and running.

The system, called Atlas, can be configured with a receipt printer, cash drawer and kiosk stand. The solution doesn't require a back-office server, as it runs against a cloud service offered by Revel Systems. It was designed with both SMBs and enterprise customers in mind.

I'll list some of the core features of the POS solution in a moment, but one of the biggest things you should know about Atlas is that it comes with an application programming interface that allows companies to integrate outside applications and systems. For example, Atlas can be teamed up with mobile payment systems from Square and PayPal.

Working with LevelUp, creator of a QR-code based payment system, the Revel Systems solution charges 2 percent per swipe for major credit cards. The solution also integrates with Perkville, which is one of the POS-based customer loyalty program applications.

Other core features of the PCI-compliant system include:

  • A purchasing systems that alerts you when inventory
  • A time clock that tracks who is using the system, and when
  • An offline mode, which means the POS system can keep working even when there is an Internet disruption
  • Digital menu board support, which can be used to change menu displays
  • Kiosk support, for allowing customers to use the system without an attendant

Revel Systems charges several different prices, depending on whether the POS system is intended for a retailer, quick service operation or table service restaurant. For example, it costs $1,000 for a retail edition that works on one iPad in one location. There is a cloud fee of $100 per month.

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  • It sounds like a nice enough system except for 1 thing...

    ... the simple statement of --"The solution doesn???t require a back-office server, as it runs against a cloud service offered by Revel Systems."-- means that if your a small business and your internet connection goes down. Oh NOOOOoooooo!!! You're out of business until it's back. Not to mention all your data is in someone elses hands.
    • Offline mode

      Your offline mode in Revel POS changes the ballgame here for iPad POS. If you lose the internet the Revel POS will still function even if no internet. It will Print, swipe do it all with out the internet. Just FYI. :) REVEL ROCKS!
  • Revel Systems is the best Cloud based System out there, it works OFFONLINE!

    That is right Revel Systems iPad POS as a cash register is so advanced that even if you lose the Internet, it works offline! Also note i was able to purchase a 4G backup for my internet in-case it went offline but I did not get the backup because they sold me on this new feature. It works! I lose my internet connection at least once a week at my restaurant and believe it or not the whole system works, it prints, it even sends data to my kitchen printers while there is no internet. When my internet returns the system syncs with the cloud. It truly is the best system out there!
    • Great write up here

      This is great answer thanks for spreading the news!
  • Experience with Revel

    I suggest taking with a real restaurant that uses Revel before you jump in with this group. We have been trying to work with their team for the past 4 months to get our 4 station Revel system to work properly to no avail!
    Proceed with extreme caution!!!
    Over $14,000 spent, hundreds of hours, lost sales, reports that are elementary not available.
    I'm about to flush it and get a real POS System...

    And shame on you Heather for making them look good!!!
    Joe Davidson
  • Revel Rocks

    Revel Rocks! :)

    I read all opinion . . and I appreciate your efforts to make a good discussion here
    and I amazed to hear that it's also work on offline mode helpful for us.
  • Revel System

    Nice to hear about Revel system is working on offline mode!