T-Mobile teams with Square on mobile commerce solution

T-Mobile teams with Square on mobile commerce solution

Summary: Mobile credit-card reader will now be offered as an accessory with small-business wireless plans in the United States.

TOPICS: Mobility, CXO, SMBs

Wireless carrier T-Mobile USA is wooing small businesses with a series of packages that combine the Square credit-card reader with small-business coverage and financing plans.

The combined solution is now available in T-Mobile retail stores, a strategy intended to increase the offering's appeal to small-business owners.

The carrier already has developed a series of specific service plans for small businesses that start at less than $60 per month for two lines. It has also created some app bundles for smartphones and tablets that are specific to small businesses. For example, the T-Mobile 4GPro App Pack aggregates DropBox, Evernote, Square, TripIt, Camscanner and LinkedIn.

Said Nikki Halgren, owner of The Gleeful Peacock, a jewelry business quoted in T-Mobile's press release about the solution:

"T-Mobile understands my needs as a small-business owner. They not only keep me connected on-the-go, but they've made it easy for me to get paid fast with my T-Mobile smartphone and Square. T-Mobile has made it simple and, as a result, I've nearly doubled my business over last year."

Whether or not T-Mobile's approach to build mindshare with small businesses can help the company build a long-term future as a standalone wireless carrier remains to be seen. But its focus on this market niche is definitely welcome.

Topics: Mobility, CXO, SMBs

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  • RE: T-Mobile teams with Square on mobile commerce solution

    This was actually part of the reason I joined T-MoUS last March they offer free WIFI connectivity and Square is what I had decided to use ad a CC processor for my small business.
  • RE: T-Mobile teams with Square on mobile commerce solution

    In response to my last comment most other large US cellular providers charge you another fee to connect through WIFI or they did last March and it is free and standard with T-MOUS not to mention I get great service in general.
  • T-Mobile teams with Square on mobile commerce solution

    Your information is important for us. Thanks for sharing.