Xerox offers printer management service for small businesses

Xerox offers printer management service for small businesses

Summary: The cloud-based eConcierge service alerts IT or office managers when it is time to replenish suppliers or call for service.

TOPICS: Printers, Hardware, SMBs

Sick of forgetting to order toner or cartridges for your company's printers and multifunction devices? Xerox has created a managed service that reminds smaller companies when its time to replenish supplies.

The free service, called Xerox eConcierge, works with networked devices -- and its doesn't matter whether that hardware comes from Xerox or another printer hardware vendor. The application can be downloaded to either a Windows or Macintosh system. Once set-up, it seeks compatible devices on the network, captures the part numbers and starts keeping tabs on the state of all the consumables that printers and all-in-one multifunction devices use on a regular basis.

If you DO happen to use Xerox equipment, you might be able to save some money on services, according to Xerox.

One small business, Citrus Motors, reports that it has saved both time and money by using the eConcierge service. In a press release about the service, Citrus Motors IT Director Phil Collett said:

"The program allows us to shift our focus away from maintaining our printers to spending time with our customers. The savings, both in time and money, are definitely a plus for our dealership."

Of course, there is also a price to pay in information. I'm sure that Xerox would love to help your small or midsize business move over to its hardware when it notices aging models within your company's printing and imaging fleet.

Topics: Printers, Hardware, SMBs

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