MySpace lands official presidential debate gig

MySpace lands official presidential debate gig

Summary: News Corp.-owned MySpace is continuing its push to become the online destination for U.S. politics amongst the social networking generation.


MySpace lands presidential debate gigNews Corp.-owned MySpace is continuing its push to become the online destination for U.S. politics amongst the social networking generation. Today, the site announced an official partnership with the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) in which it will create a dedicated portal to host and let users disseminate the upcoming series of Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates. will offer "interactive tools for viewers to virally engage in the political process", and marks the first time that the CPD has partnered with an Internet property in addition to its traditional network television coverage.

As well as offering a live stream of the three Presidential debates and one Vice Presidential debate, which begin in September, online viewers will be polled on the fly, creating a real-time feedback loop on the issued being discussed.

MySpace will also offer a widget featuring live and on-demand streaming and other MyDebates functionality which can be embedded on a user's website, blog or social networking profile. Another neat sounding feature is "issue-based tracking", which will allow users to "track a candidate’s stance on issues they care about throughout the live stream". solidifies MySpace's role, and the Internet in general, as a powerful political vehicle and one that no candidate can afford to ignore. Partnerships like the one with CPD certainly adds to the social network's credibility and should help to drive up page views, especially if the site can live up to its promise of providing unparalleled live coverage and the participatory tools to go with it.

Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace, said in a written statement that the social network wants to create "higher levels of civic engagement".

"We’re honored to be part of such an historic shift in how Americans engage in the Democratic process", he says. This is from a company that shares the same parent as the partisan Fox News!

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  • How can you even consider OBAMA

    How can the democratic party even think about nominating someone for president, who has admitted in a interview on EYEBLAST.TV, that he will not wear the american flag on his lapel. He will not put his hand over his heart for the pledge of alligence to the flag. And goes to a church who thier preacher stands behind the pull pit preaching a sermon on GOD D___n america. And this man supports Rev Wright and his black theology and marxist thoughts. This scares the hell out of me and with OBAMA friends in terrorism, Is this a muslim plan to overtake america. ALL OBAMA DOES IS LIE, now you see him wearing the american flag after giving a interview on what the american flag means to him and he would never wear it. OBAMA WILL DO WHAT EVER HE HAS TO< TO GIVE POWER OVER TO THE MUSLIM RADICALS. BE CAREFUL AMERICA dont believe this smooth talking muslim 1/2 white 1/2 black man with the muslim background. He is actually a mid-eastern who was lucky enough to be born on a military base. WHAT HAS HE DONE IN 3 YEARS EXCEPT take no position at all on all important issues that means something to america. When we are in this time of terrorism and economic trouble, I need someone who can make a decision, no matter what the choices are, you have to vote yes or no, Present is not representing you constituets. I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT MCCAIN PUTS COUNTRY FIRST. someone who will not wear the american flag or pledge his allegence to america, I just wonder who or what he puts first, but by his on addmission it is not america and he will not pledge his allegence to america, WHAT IN THE HELL IS EVERYBODY THINKING. I believe that the lord is coming back soon. I dont believe he will allow us to vote in a muslim in JESUS's AMERICA.