Curl version 6 goes public beta, lots of new features

Curl version 6 goes public beta, lots of new features

Summary: Last week Curl released a public beta of version 6.0 of the RIA platform.


Curl version 6 goes public beta, lots of new featuresLast week Curl released a public beta of version 6.0 of the RIA platform. This version is a significant step forward for Curl and introduces a lot of things that may have been deal breakers for people in previous versions. The biggest in my mind is support for new, more attractive interfaces. But version 6 also introduces a few key features like the ability to make calls to JavaScript from your Curl application and a new server piece which allows any Java server to send messages using the Curl serialization format.

Curl Skinning Features ThumbnailAs I mentioned, the biggest thing for me is the new skinning support. Curl now has a skinning application that lets developers make the interfaces look a lot more polished. The new skinning support uses style-sheets so that most designers will be at home in the environment. Because of the enterprise focus, Curl has always been great performance-wise, but the aesthetics left a lot to be desired. With the new support for skinning, people using Curl will be able to make applications that look good as well as run well. Another piece of this is the new rendering APIs. In addition to skinning, Curl now supports alpha blending and antialiasing. This should really help developers create engaging and interesting interfaces.

The ability to call JavaScript from a Curl application is also welcome. Most of the other major RIA platforms supported this feature, and it will go a long way towards helping Curl developers take advantage of a wider ecosystem. I'm not sure it will get JavaScript developers looking at the platform more, because they still have to learn the Curl language, but it does mean you can start building Curl applications that tie into more Web 2.0 services. This may actually help Curl in the consumer space.

This is a big release for Curl and I'm glad to see they're chugging away and adding polish. They've been working to beef up their developer community and also have an RIA knowledge center with information on how rich Internet applications apply to business. This is still very much a company to keep an eye on.

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  • Pro licensing starts at 12k?

    I was going to ask "who would pay 12k for that?", when the Flex SDK starts at zero and Flexbuilder just came down in price from a very reasonable 399. Then I remembered people do stupid things all the time.

    Reminds me when Opera used to charge for the browser when IE and Mozilla were free. That worked out really well for Moz and IE.
    • Curl is Base IDE is Free

      I'd like to clarify Curl's pricing model.

      Curl offers BASE versions of the IDE and Deployment Licenses that are free, fully functional and offer real value in creating and deploying applications.

      Curl also provides PRO versions of the IDE and Deployment Licenses that augment the BASE version with additional security, performance and maintainability for enterprise class applications.

      Pricing for the Pro/IDE is $598/seat. Pricing for the Pro/Deployment Enterprise license starts at $12K for 20 users.

      This pricing model is consistent with other products that charge for enterprise features that deliver added value with PRO versions.