LineRider releases a Silverlight 2 version

LineRider releases a Silverlight 2 version

Summary: Silverlight games are starting to appear. Today a press release went out announcing that Cynergy had worked on a Silverlight version of LineRider.


LineRider releases a Silverlight 2 versionSilverlight games are starting to appear. Today a press release went out announcing that Cynergy had worked on a Silverlight version of LineRider. A couple of notable things. The game is very popular. During the beta stage the game got a lot of traction and had over 46 million page views. It was featured in a couple of McDonald's commercials and seems to be king in the casual games market. said that "Line Rider is becoming one of the most popular flash games on the web." Which brings me to the second interesting thing. The original beta was a Flash game but Cynergy did the work to convert it to Silverlight 2. It's cool to see more Silverlight 2 applications out there ahead of the Olympics, and in my testing it seemed to work pretty well, but I'm not sure why it was ported from Flash to Silverlight. (Disclaimer: I work for Adobe). No mention in the press release although it sounds like they'll be porting the game to Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 so they're aiming for a lot of platforms.

Update: A commenter pointed out this news post that explains the switch.

The new version represents a technological overhaul of the game and will provide users with a faster, smoother version of the game that is available free on the web at the official Line Rider Web site...

It's a pretty cool game and it seems like a lot of fun. Most importantly it's a very good showcase for Silverlight. Hopefully you'll have more luck with the game than I did. I keep killing my poor LineRider guy. Well, either killing him or sending him into a big empty void.


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  • Why?

    [i]...I?m not sure why it was ported from Flash to Silverlight[/i]

    Maybe [b]this[/b] part gives us a clue?

    [b]...will notice a more consistent frame rate during playback with the new Silverlight version that will provide a faster, smoother ride regardless of what system or browser used[/b]

    The interesting part is that no-one [b]ever[/b] seems to acknowledge when an MS technology or product was chosen over something else for technical reasons. Somehow there always has to be some conspiracy because we all "know" that MS technologies must be worse than all other alternatives. Right? Right?
    • RE: Why?

      Nope, no conspiracy, I just didn't see that quote in the press release I looked at. Thanks for the note!
  • Implies some technical strengths of Silverlight over Flash?

    Maybe it does, maybe not. A Cynergy blog (they did the port to Silverlight) says in part: "...when Microsoft and InXile Entertainment called wanting to develop a Silverlight version of the LineRider application...". See:

    Sounds like this might have been partly helped by some money from Redmond? I don't know. If that were true, I don't have a problem with it, but I find it hard to believe this is primarily (or at all) for technical reasons.

    Alan Cobb (Silverlight blog)
    Alan Cobb
  • RE: LineRider releases a Silverlight 2 version

    Hey Ryan,

    There is an interview with the developers from Cynergy that worked on this project available here:

    As I mentioned in the comments on that site, it sounds to me like they are comparing Silverlight 2 to Flash 8, not Flash 9.