Blu-ray option on new MacBook Pro

Blu-ray option on new MacBook Pro

Summary: Panasonic will announce the industry's first slim-line Blu-ray DVD writer at CES on January 6. The 9.


Panasonic will announce the industry's first slim-line Blu-ray DVD writer at CES on January 6. The 9.5 mm drive fits into the same space used by current DVD burners.

Panasonic supplies most of Apple's notebook DVD burners. Given the availability of the new drive I expect to see Apple announce it for the MacBook Pro family very soon - possibly at Macworld the following week.

While it writes Blu-ray at only 2x, the new drive will be the only way to get HD video out of an mobile Mac without a cable.

Part of a major Pro update? The MacBook Pros haven't had a significant update in over 6 months. In the meantime Intel has been sampling the Penryn processors using the 45 nm process and a number of PC notebooks are expected to be announced at CES.

The Penryn processors are a refresh of the current Core 2 processors, so they offer modest improvements in performance and energy consumption. Not the basis of a major MacBook Pro refresh.

Yet as part of a larger package the pieces are there. Wrap longer battery life, LED backlighting on the 17" Pro, Blu-ray support (needed for FCS2 as well), a slight CPU clock bump and the new 512 MB Nvidia 8800M video card and the MBP maintains its edge as a premier mobile video production machine.

The Storage Bits take Apple prefers to maintain its price points so it adds functionality rather than moving down market. The entry level MBP won't get Blu-ray, but I would expect it on the high-end 15" and 17" machines. It might be a BTO option until Panasonic gets volumes up, but Blu-ray is definitely coming to a Mac near you.

Comments welcome, of course.

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  • In order for he Macbook to offer a Bluray drive ....

    ... and playback movies they have to embrace DRM. It will be interesting to see if this occurs after Job's public stance on DRM. Will this just be another case of Jobs reversing what he said because it is convenient?
    • I agree.

      Is there even software that supports Mac that can play it?
      • There is not any today that ....

        ... can be shipped legally in the US.
    • Or, alternatively

      Apple could use the serious Cachet it has with the movie and entertainment industry
      to push back on the DRM.

      Or, it could simply refuse to offer playback and throw the blame at the MPAA.

      You have to remember that MS LIKES choke-hold DRM. There's no need to arm twist,
      when you have a willing accomplice.
      • Message has been deleted.

        • Message has been deleted.

          • Message has been deleted.

          • What did I say to get my message deleted ???

        • Who is the #1 seller of DRM content in the world?

          Apple. :)
          • Bzzt Wrong....

            Try Microsoft.
          • You are wrong!

            Apples sells far more content then microsoft through iTunes. They key word is "content"!
          • Depends on your definition of content..

          • Only because Apple sells from multiple sources

            and more than anyone else at that...:P It's a false arguement NonZ I
            have yet to hear you explain how Apple could do otherwise? Apple does
            not own the content so the terms are in the end up to the owners like
            Universal and such and they demand the DRM.

            Pagan jim
          • Bogus arguement!

            How does Amazon do it? Are you telling me the largest seller of music online can't get as favorable a terms as a smaller competitor? You do know that AAC content can only be played in iTunes or on an iPod/iPhone? Can you say lock in?
          • AAC not needed

            AAC isn't required by iTunes or iPod. You can play ordinary MP3's all day long. The AAC format is proprietary and saves some space. Not sure I follow this through the DRM discussion. DRM limits your ability to freely use the file, AAC doesn't.
          • Sorry I meant to say fairplay not aac.(nt)

          • I would guess Wal-Mart

            Remember, DVDs,CDs,PS2,PS3,360,Wii,DS,PSP all have DRM
          • Universal? Warner Brothers? New Line? ...

            All those DVDs with their DRM. Apple is a bit player in the DRM field. Another
            example how you just don't understand tech:-) Or you just hate apple you can't think
    • Message has been deleted.

      • A couple things.

        Just because I don't like Apple doesn't mean I haven't tried them. Amazon who has had to work with the same people Apple has and yet their store is DRM free. iTunes is not despite Job's public anti-DRM rant. Apple is the only company locking their software to their own hardware which is also a form of DRM. Apple will not license ACS to other hardware manufacturers providing lock-in to iTunes/iPods.

        Your whole post consisted of nothing more then a personal attack. It offerred no valid justification for the status quo. Further more your mama should of told you that telling people to "shut up" is impolite. You are not the moderator of this forum and are not in a position to censor me.