Build a SuperZune!

Build a SuperZune!

Summary: Podcast and iTunes Music Store compatibility on a Zune? Easier than you think.


Podcast and iTunes Music Store compatibility on a Zune? Easier than you think. Read on to learn how to upgrade your Zune.

The road less traveled If you are like most tech heavies, you're a rugged individualist. You don't follow the crowd. Who cares what the tech illiterati are doing?

That's why you bought a Zune And not just any Zune. You bought the brown Zune.

The hot girls smirk when you pull it out. So what? They weren't going to dance with you anyway. But deep in your BIOS you have the last laugh, because your Zune isn't just any Zune, it's a SuperZune!

Redmond-safe. Cupertino-approved. Here's the scoop, in 3 easy photos.




Special bonus: a handsome GUI for your SuperZune!

zune-screen.jpg [Photos copyright Aaron Harnly. Used with permission.]

About Aaron Aaron Harnly is a pre-doc in computer science at Columbia. I learned about him due to his nifty Mac plug-in, Letterbox, which gives Mail a modern 3 column layout suitable for widescreen displays. [Note to Steve: buy the Mail developer a widescreen Mac!]

Aaron has sophisticated software development skills: his note promising a Leopard-compatible version of Letterbox "Friday or Saturday" doesn't mention which Friday or Saturday. I predict he will go far.

In his spare time Aaron likes to goof on natural language processing. Aaron, thanks for the great photos.

The Storage Bits take The only thing the SuperZune needs is a little red cape. How about it, Aaron?

Topics: Software Development, Hardware, Microsoft, Software

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  • Thanks

    For wasting my time with something so stupid.
  • Where Can I Buy One...?

    Should have saved this little tome for April 1st! ;-)
  • Well...

    ...there went 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
    Hallowed are the Ori
    • Hey Robin, would that not be considered a "downgrade"?

      Though I wonder where he may have stolen the Zune from.
      • It was a gift

        from his employer: a certain software firm, I think.

        R Harris
    • Stop moving your lips

      and maybe it would take you, say, 30 seconds.

      How hard are pictures to read?

      R Harris
      • Is that the best you have?

        Even Linux Geek comes up with better insults than that.
        Hallowed are the Ori
  • Funny

    Now, if he had actually hacked the iPod to work with the Zune screen and controller I would be impressed.
    Patrick Jones
  • Someone reads MacNN. :) [nt]

  • Thanks for the funny! :)

    Hilarious! :D