Who uses MS Live Search - on purpose?

Who uses MS Live Search - on purpose?

Summary: No one. Net Applications monthly newsletter posed an interesting question: who uses MS Live Search?


No one. Net Applications monthly newsletter posed an interesting question: who uses MS Live Search?

Nobody I know.

One of their engineers theorized

. . . it's mostly people that are searching for files on their own hard drive who accidentally click the 'search the net' button.

Hm-m, how could you tell? If that theory is correct almost all Live Search sessions would come from Windows systems running IE.

Sure enough, they found that an overwhelming 99.82% of all Live Search sessions are Windows machines running IE.

A 90% market share is good for something It kept the Live Search market at a pathetic 2.4% last month - instead of a humiliating 0%.

IE's market share is 75% If Firefox - 18% market share - users were just as likely to use Live Search as any other search engine, you'd expect to see 18% of Live Searches on that browser. Or 1/10th the chance is a 1.8% share.

But the distant #2 OS on Windows Live Search? Mac OS with a 0.17% share. All hail Microsoft's loyal Mac business unit!

The Storage Bits take Search is THE problem as storage capacities grow. Microsoft's weak showing means they aren't going to beat Google at the current game. MS needs to put it's substantial muscle finding the Next Big Thing in search.

It also suggests that taking over Yahoo won't help either - they haven't had any better luck against Google. Put 2 losers together and you just have a bigger loser.

Comments welcome, of course.

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  • Who uses MS Live Search - on purpose?

    Excuse me? I use Live Search all the time. One of the first things I do after installing firefox is change the default search from Google to Yahoo or Live Search. I find much better and more relevant results when using Live Search. Also I don't have a company tracking my every more and saving my every search to try to sell back to me at a later point. A lot of people here at the office use Live Search as well. Who uses on Live Search on purpose? What a silly question to ask. Basic answer is a lot of people do and are loving it.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Message has been deleted.

    • 2

      I suspect that others may feel that this rating is generous, but you may improve over time. A little more practice on the trolls.
    • Missing the facts.

      "Also I don't have a company tracking my every more and saving my every search to try to sell back to me at a later point. "

      Why do you think MS bought Aquantive for $6B and wants to by Yahoo for $44B?

      They want to be so into advertising like Google they can't stand it.

      The above quote shows you believe MS has no tracking or surveillance motives or activities. It's simply not true. They just don't tell you what they are doing. Google is very explicit about communicating their intentions and have been true to their words. The truth is Google has more privacy than any other internet concern and they have demonstrated their intention to keep data private, even if from the government.
    • 2.1

      [i]I use Live Search all the time. [...] I find much better and more relevant results when using Live Search.[/i]

      The thing that makes Mike Cox such a hoot is he knows how far he can stretch credulity and get away with it. Learn from him.

      none none
    • Nobody I know uses it on purpose...

      ...and they stop it if they accidently launch it. Perhaps there
      are more shills in your office than most?
    • Answer: Loverock Davidson

  • No room for number 2 eh? RE: Who uses MS Live Search - on purpose?

    "Put 2 losers together and you just have a bigger loser."

    I have several problems with your article, but the biggest with that last line. I'm reminded of the dad from the movie Taledega Nights, "If you're not first you're last." It's dumb. Apple is number 2. I don't read you bashing them very often.

    Yahoo + Microsoft won't equal dominating Google, but it will make a solid #2. For a guy with a love affair with number 2 (Apple) you sure have your head in the sand on this one.
    • You are ignoring the fact that Yahoo is a DISTANT second, and MS a DISTANT

      third. If Yahoo was a close second and MS a close third, I could see your point. Robin said it right.
      • Oh, ya, I forgot what a "close" 2nd Apple is

        Give me a break. Even with it's recent gains Apple is a huge distant 2nd. Let's at least give Microsoft the same 20+ years to catch up that we've given Apple before you claim he got it right.
        • Does it hurt so much to admit most people prefer Google

          because it's simply so much better?

          And also, Apple has a whopping 21% of the US PC consumer
          market, which is of course big, also compared with HP and

          • Show me

            Show me how Google is better. Really. I know only one significant way that Google is better than Live: the brand name. Live is lame as a name. The search quality is just fine.
          • I agree

            I haven't found that google is any better at finding things than Live, Jeeves, or any other. But's it's "Fun" to say Google. It is just another duplicated function that the PCs seem to be loaded down with these days.
            Why is it #1 then?
            You don't think that it might be because it is bundled on every Dell PC delivered, Java default installation, Adobe Acrobat Reader default installation,... and many more of the more popular things we like. Most people are just going to take what is given them and not worry about it.
            You will come back with Live on the Dells but have you turned a brand new one on lately? A bigger than your screen Google EULA without a scroll up/down, left/right. Only Accept. Now we know the Alt-F4, but my Mother didn't. Neither does 50% of their market I bet.

            Who uses Live...? I do.

            Dan Bissell, 25 years PC experience.
        • Re: Oh, ya, I forgot what a "close" 2nd Apple is

          Who cares? It doesn't make a difference.

          I can change my default search engine tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that. That search engine has to earn my business every day, unlike an operating system - Apple, MS or Linux - to which I'm nearly married once I've made my choice.

          For Apple to catch MS it would not only have to build a better product, but also have to seduce millions of people to part with their hard-earned cash for the chance to give OSX a test spin. Better the Devil you know, sometimes.

          All MS would have to do to catch Google is yield better search results. It doesn't cost a thing to give a search engine a test spin.

          Given that, search engine market share is an excellent indicator of user satisfaction.

          none none
          • My Beef isn't what's better

            My beef is Robin's totally baised and slanted post. He claims in the post if you're not in first you're a loser, yet he's madly in love with Apple. It's hypocritical and short sided. It's not even remotely balanced. I think Fox News might have a spot open for him, but ZDnet is usually above that sort of thing.

            For the record I search with Google 100% of the time. I think I've used Live Search 2 or 3 times in my life. I don't care about his conclusion I care about the terrible approach he took to get to it.
  • I use it and so do many others I know

    This article is very misleading. I use Live Search and I use IE. When I use Firefox, the first thing I do when I want to search is go to live.com.

    I don't use google if I can help it since I just end up with tons of spyware and tracking cookies. Just because you use IE and Live together doesn't mean you didn't intentionally go to Live.
    • And you and your friends are escentially nobody, Maybe you are part of the

      0.2% of very small fraction of users, and the only ones stupid enough to INTENTIONALLY use a VERY lame product.
      • And the best part

        about this comment is its technical merit.
      • You're so awesome

        Your words... moving
        Your argument... compelling

        I... I... I'm just so.... moved
      • ZD Net Please Ban...

        DonnieBoy. and Block his IP from accessing this site while you're at it.