Bullseye! US shoots down spy satellite!

Bullseye! US shoots down spy satellite!

Summary: Good job. According to Reuters, the US has succeeded in shooting down its errant spy satellite.

TOPICS: Networking

Good job. According to Reuters, the US has succeeded in shooting down its errant spy satellite.

Update:  Yes, there is video.

Topic: Networking

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  • At what cost?

    I saw heard on the news last night that it cost $60 million to shoot down this satellite.
    I think a lot of good things could have been done with that money instead of shooting
    down a satellite. I don't think there was any danger. I think that this was merely an
    opportunity for some military type to practice shooting at stuff in space.
    Prime Detailer
    • They already had the missle ....

      ... so that money could not be used for something else. What qualifies you to judge if there was any danger or not? Do you have something to support your contentions or are you just idly spewwing random thought?
      • Again -Big - Giant - waste of money

        OK - must be one of group of people who don't believe in science or probability.
        So in that vain, God will prevent this stupid satellite from hitting anyone. Now, if
        the satellite were to hit my house, I'd gladly take 60 million in compensation.

        Really - when was the last time you heard of anyone or anything being hit from
        some piece of space junk that reentered the atmosphere? Our current leaders have
        been governing by fear for the last 7 years. This was really just target practice for
        our new super duper "missile shield". And do you really think they are not going to
        replace the missile that was used. I qualify because I happen to pay a lot of tax
        every year and have done some reading in the past about falling space junk. I
        wasn't spewing, but you certainly seem to have drool sticking to the side of your
        Prime Detailer