First hacking tools, now key words are outlawed

First hacking tools, now key words are outlawed

Summary: Reading this Reuters report is a trip to the Twilight Zone. Or, maybe, it is an Onion-esque spoof on reality.

TOPICS: Security

Reading this Reuters report is a trip to the Twilight Zone. Or, maybe, it is an Onion-esque spoof on reality. The EU is going to force search engines to block access to bomb-making sites? Huh? What are these guys thinking?

EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini said in an interview.

"I do intend to carry out a clear exploring exercise with the private sector ... on how it is possible to use technology to prevent people from using or searching dangerous words like bomb, kill, genocide or terrorism," Frattini told Reuters.

So, OK. How do you do that? There are over 84 million web pages with the word bomb in it. Wikipedia has great articles on bombs. Do you set up a department of information control and have them peruse all web pages and decide which ones are harmful? It *is* almost possible. A staff of several hundred with the help of automation can get you 80-90% of the way there. Then all you need are massive filtering devices on every backbone and access point.

There is so much evidence that regulators and government officials are woefully ignorant of technology. Maybe they should just turn off the "Internets". That should stop terrorism.

Topic: Security

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  • Son of ECHELON

    or: they could simply contract with a US/GB/CA/NZ led global operation that has the capability to provide the level of filtering they appear to be after :)
  • And I thought the US government was clueless...

    ... for calling [url=]an ID thief a "hacker" when he wasn't.[/url]

    This idea is going to BOMB faster than...

    Mr. Roboto
  • Try to do any research on wars...

    and not come across the word bomb. And lets say they could some how make it so you couldnt search for the word, then basically someone would say b0mb or some other word and before you know it you cant find anything on the web.
    • Yeah, Duh.

      The idea of blocking search results on keywords is so ludicrous...
  • Why try to fix a symptom...

    instead of curing the problem. Once someone decides they want to kill people with a bomb/gun/car, you already have a problem. Work on trying give kids a good moral foundation.
    • Create disensentives as well

      Anti crime works. Arrest and punish bombers and there will be fewer of them.
  • RE: First hacking tools, now key words are outlawed

    Excellent report defining the flagrant deficient computing knowledge repeatedly revealed by the EU.
  • You're still just looking at the symptom

    ...and that won't cure the disease. You can arrest as many terrorists as you want, but if you don't fix the underlying problems that inspire terrorists, you will always have more.

    Governments don't want to fix the underlying problems, because that would remove their [i]raisons d'etres[/i] - if you leave the problems festering, then you always have something to throw money at. Modern government is not about solving problems, it's about creating them, and then milking them for political and monetary gain.
  • RE: First hacking tools, now key words are outlawed

    bomb, kill, genocide or terrorism

    Would that include the dessert known as bombe, or "it's da bomb!" or blonde bombshell? Maybe they should outlaw putting those words in dictionaries, too. Oh wait, the French already do that with English words. Is this terrorism by government? Threatening to kill language? Haha, I kill me!