More partnerships in the data protection space

More partnerships in the data protection space

Summary: I mentioned last week that the face of data protection was changing.  This week and next will there are even more announcements.

TOPICS: Big Data

I mentioned last week that the face of data protection was changing.  This week and next will there are even more announcements. So last week it was Websense essentially OEM-ing PortAuthority’s technology and Vericept linking up with Entrust to create a “encrypt sensitive information” email solution. Today Reconnex is announcing a similar link-up with PostX. On top of that, a company that is super strong in the document control space but is edging into data protection, WorkShare, is linking up with Secure Computing’s new acquisition, Ciphertrust. Is that confusing enough?


Overall trend here is for those companies who have figured how to identify and control the movement of critical information to start leveraging their technology with partners that already have a presence in some part of the data flow space. Web in the case of Websense, email in the cases of Entrust, PostX, and Cipherturst.   Time for the rest of the players to find dance partners before the music stops.  Is Vontu trying to stay unencumbered because they expect to be bought by Symantec (yawn) or Check Point (don’t do it Check Point!)?  What about the USB control companies' products (Safend, Devicewall)?  When are they going to join this mad rush to combine leak prevention, encryption, and device management? 


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Topic: Big Data

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  • Forgot major partnership...

    Palisade Systems, the oldest of the data loss prevention or content monitoring and filtering market vendors also announced last week its exclusive partnership with Zix Corporation regarding email encryption. In addition, Palisade Systems is the only one in the marketspace whose sales are 100% channel driven.
    • I *did* miss that!

      Thanks. Even with all of the data feeds and Google alerts we track I missed that announcement. Who is left in email security who has *not* hooked up with a content monitoring company?

  • No partners for Vontu?

    Vontu has been working with PGP since May 2005 (see and, predating the current wave of partnership announcements by well over a year.

    More than a paper relationship, the two companies have joint deployments, call on customers together, recently did a joint webcast, and co-sponsor research studies.

    In business, paid deployments, not press releases, win. Perhaps that's why Vontu and PGP are the undisputed leaders in their fields.
  • What about GTB?

    [b]Whom partners the most important one - GTB Technologies?[/b]