Egenera focuses on scalability and supporting private clouds

Egenera focuses on scalability and supporting private clouds

Summary: Egenera has expanded its focus to include support for private clouds and upon increasing the scalability of PAN Manager. Companies interested in creating a reliable, scalable, agile industry standard system-based infrastructure should examine what Egenera is offering.


Egenera's VP of Marketing, John Humphreys, stopped by to chat about the the company is doing now. The message this time is that Egenera's "infrastructure automation" product, PAN Manager, has been enhanced to both support private clouds and to dramatically expand the scalability of the environments PAN Manager can support.

Snapshot analysis

Every time I speak with Egenera, I'm impressed how comprehensive and capabile PAN Manager is. Although Egenera has been doing its best to increase market awareness of this gem, it still appears to be a well-kept secret. As I've often said before, PAN Manager is one of the best tools to manage converged infrastructure systems I've come across. It's key strengths are the ability to treat all of the servers, I/O devices, networking and storage as a pool of resources that can be dynamically assigned to tasks.What's new this time is the focus on using that pool of resources as a private cloud computing environment and the scale of the environment. Egenera has worked with a number of hardware suppliers to support their systems. Over time the list grew to include the Egenera BladeFrame, Fujitsu Primergy blade servers, Dell PowerEdge blade servers, HP ProLiant blade servers, and, NEC's SIGMABLADE severs for the Japanese market. Interested in building your own in-house cloud computing environment? It would be good to see a PAN Manager demonstration before making final decisions about orchestration technology.

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