Hospice and end-of-life issues

Hospice and end-of-life issues

Summary: It can really help to know that a loved one is being helped through a very difficult time by caring people.

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I'm staring at a blank screen while trying to think deep, insightful thoughts for today's post.  Nothing of substance is coming to mind. So, I'd like to take you on a highly off topic journey into the world of hospice.

For those who are not familiar with hospice, it is both an approach to patient care and a philosophy focused on end-of-life care. The goal is to help those facing terminal illnesses deal with their pain, whether it is physical or emotional. The help includes pain management, counseling, helping clients get needed medical devices and the like.

They aren't held back by rules that seem silly for someone nearing end of life. Why not, for example, offer the client enough pain medication to actually make them comfortable rather than denying them that care because they might become addicted or face long-term problems? If there is no long term to think of, why should it become a limiting factor?

My family has had and is having personal experience with Tidewell Hospice and Palliative care in Sarasota, FL.. Dr. Valenti and the staff have been wonderful. They appear to really care and offer warm, responsive service. The facility is bright, spacious and cheerful. Both the client and the client's family are made to feel welcome. It can really help to know that a loved one is being helped through a very difficult time by caring people.

If you have family members needing hospice care, please learn about it and help them get the needed care. This site might contain information you'd find useful.

Topic: Health


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  • Seconded

    Although I helped with many charity events whose proceeds were donated to the local hospice I didn't really appreciate the concept and work of the helpers therein until my mother received hospice care in her final 3 weeks.

    Not only did they comfort the whole family at that difficult time but they organised a rememberance service 1 year later for all the people who had passed that week. I wondered how they were going to handle the small tribute section to each individual, for no-one had asked me anything about my mother. However they had clearly talked to her in some detail over those last few weeks and gathered a very good picture of her life and loves.

    I supported the hospice's fund raising attempts thereafter, penning (or remembering) the following rhyme to try and sum up our feelings about that final period:

    The last of the summer wine
    Tastes sweeter than the first:
    The final mouthfulls savoured
    By a keener thirst.

    Best wishes to your family.
  • I fully agree

    My wife was under hospice care for a time before she passed away, and I appreciate your remarks. What a blessing it was to have someone care about making her comfortable, whatever was required. I look back and am amazed at the level of service they provided, from medications to equipment. Even more, the visiting nurses took the time to really befriend my wife, which helped her immeasurably. The hospice workers will forever have my gratitude and whatever support I can give them.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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