IBM Smarter Analytics

IBM Smarter Analytics

Summary: Applying analytics to business processes is much more than the use of a single tool. Using analytics successfully requires collecting the right data, using the proper analytical tools and making the results available to the right people at the right time.


IBM presented its Smarter Analytics systems recently and the companies approach strikes me as a useful combination of systems, analytical tools and people. IBM didn't come out and suggest that a single tool, such as Apache Hadoop, put in the hands of business analysts would result in an immediate improvement in productivity.

IBM's message is that the goal of business analytics is producing the right knowledge to allow an organization to make better and faster decisions. The use of these tools also means that an organization can more easily discover bottlenecks or other business problems and do the things necessary to address them.

A more important outcome might be learning more about customers' needs so that the organization can offer successful, revenue-producing products and services.

Is IBM alone in offering business analysis products and services. The answer is clearly no.

There is a long list of companies offering systems, software and professional services in this market segment.

Where IBM shines is the comprehensive nature of its offerings. Systems, database software, analytical tools and a broad collection of professional services are part of the IBM Smart Analytics portfolio.

If you're interested, visit the IBM website to view the smarter analytics products and services IBM is offering.

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