Spb Mobile Shell 2.0

Spb Mobile Shell 2.0

Summary: I've been trying out a wonderful product for my HTC Advantage, Spb Software House's Mobile Shell 2.0.


I've been trying out a wonderful product for my HTC Advantage, Spb Software House's Mobile Shell 2.0. I'm pretty sure that this software will be of great interest to those of you struggling to be efficient while using Windows Mobile 6-based devices.

It appears to me that Microsoft really didn't learn much from how other smartphones and other intelligent handheld devices work while developing Windows Mobile 6. This software has the amazing capability of making the fastest handheld device appear slow and clunky through a rather inept user interface.

Spb Software House and a number of others took this as a challenge and created a shells that really improve the Windows Mobile 6 environment. I've been using the previous version of Spb's Mobile Shell and have liked it quite a bit.

The new version addresses each and every issue I had with the shell. It's now possible to use the shell's graphical interface most of the time. In the past, the system would return to Microsoft's inept shell after many functions completed. Now, the system returns to the shell screen that launched the function. One returns to the Microsoft shell only when the "X" icon is pressed.

I've already noticed an improvement in my otherwise miserable level of productivity. I suspect that you might see a boost in your productivity levels as well. A no-cost demo version of the product is available so, why not give it a try?

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Daniel Kusnetzky, a reformed software engineer and product manager, founded Kusnetzky Group LLC in 2006. He's literally written the book on virtualization and often comments on cloud computing, mobility and systems software. In his spare time, he's also the managing partner of Lux Sonus LLC, an investment firm.

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  • You can't have it both ways!

    From another HTC Advantage user, you can't say "Microsoft really didn?t learn much from how other smartphones and other intelligent handheld devices work while developing Windows Mobile 6" when if they have included it people would be crying foul that they are stifling competition. I don't have the expectation that MS include every single solitary feature that I feel is important to me; they provide the barebones then allow others to be creative in this space - sounds like a positive to me. That is what partners are for. MS makes enough money, let some of the other companies make some of the residual monies.

    If people with your opinion have their way, the smaller companies would never have any viability due to your notion that MS should include everything. Did you ever stop to think that MS deliberately did not include the features you seek so they can help other companies thrive? Oh no! That would be too much like the positive way of thinking about this huh?

    • My point was...

      I'm not sure where you're coming from. This isn't about making room for others to add software. This is about making the basic software function properly, function reliably and offer expected performance on a device.

      I was used to having functions pop up instantly when I pressed the button that invoked the function. I see the "busy" icon when starting almost every major function on this device. This is really hard to accept when the HTC advantage is using one of the faster microprocessors available at this time.

      My point is that Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 is unnecessarily hard to use, unnecessarily fragile and doesn't make the best use of the device. Many steps are required to do standard, everyday functions that require a single step on other devices.

      In many cases, there are no way to set default actions on common functions so it is necessary to set and reset the same function. I can't tell you how many times I've had to reset which letter recognizer is to be used on my device. It is reset to a default I don't like every time the system does a soft reset (which is every time I run my backup software).

      No backup software can with the device and it is very, very easy to lose the contact list and other important data after a system hangs. The system hangs all of the time for no apparent reason. I've also seen the system get into a state that causes a soft reset to fail making it necessary to do a hard reset.

      The software just doesn't live up to the expectations of usability and quality that is expected for this type of device. I've had to purchase nearly $100 of other software to make it work as well as my Treo 650 used to work.

      Dan K
      • I understood your point. However,

        The reason the iPhone is as successful as it is(Apple in general with their computers and devices) is because they are writing to a pre-determined and thoroughly tested piece of hardware. Again, we can't keep going back and forth over this same fence. I have no expectation that MS is going to be able to write to all the devices they sell teh OS too. Their are HW vendor responsibilities to? You agree? I have have all of the variations of WM6. I have a BlackJack II, an HTC Advantage 7501, a T-Mobile Wing, and a TREO 750. And they all act differently with the same basic OS. It's not that I don't care about quality. Yes, I want MS to do their best, but I also understand the political limitations consumers, geeks and other MS haters put out there. MS walks a tight rope. When they fail, we are all over them. When they wildly exceed, we insinuate that they are not sharing the same code with competitors. If I were to design the next version of WM, yes, there would be some things "I" would change. But are those the same changes the other millions of customers want or need? I can't say. Yet another tight rope for MS to walk.

        Again, I don't have the same expectations that you have. Hence, I don't allow myself to be as disappointed. I am sure their mission is to succeed at all, but I also allow them the option to fail. Afterall, I am paying more the device than the OS anyway. My gripe should be with the hardware vendors to make sure their device works more optimally within the design WM6 has to offer.