releases Summer '06 - 20th generation of their CRM service releases Summer '06 - 20th generation of their CRM service

Summary: is releasing the latest version Salesforce is trumpeting the SAP Connector as a key part of Summer '06 of their market-leading CRM suite tomorrow morning (Monday).

1 is releasing the latest version Salesforce is trumpeting the SAP Connector as a key part of Summer '06 of their market-leading CRM suite tomorrow morning (Monday). Nicknamed "Summer '06", the updated service adds new tools to their CRM arsenal and builds on their increasingly important AppExchange platform (essentially a portal service for web apps). In its press release, Salesforce says that more than 10,000 customer installations of over 280 AppExchange applications have taken place in first six months. It also notes that its customers have taken more than 134,000 application test drives on the AppExchange since it was announced - and more than 43,000 custom applications and objects have been deployed via the AppExchange.

In an interview with Salesforce executives, which I will publish in installments this week, I drill down into the reasons why AppExchange is such a crucial part of Salesforce's Web Office platform. has 22,700 customers and 444,000 subscribers worldwide. Summer ’06 is available in Personal, Team, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. The announcement of Summer '06 also makes liberal mention of's new catchphrase, The Business Web - a term they deployed recently in an attempt to one-up Microsoft's "software-as-a-service" catchphrase.

New in the Summer '06 edition is Salesforce Connector for SAP R/3 - which hooks up with SAP, the largest business application and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution software provider in terms of revenue. This is a somewhat ironic move, since SAP announced in February that they are releasing their own hosted CRM service - in competition with CRM is a fast-growing market though. Recent figures from Gartner state that the CRM software market was up 13.7% in 2005.

So the "SAP Connector" appears to be's response, to try and prevent existing SAP customers from moving their CRM software over to SAP. Indeed Salesforce is trumpeting the SAP Connector as a key part of its Summer '06 release:

'“With this latest release, Summer ‘06, is giving a preview of its next important stage of evolution. Beyond the anticipated application functionality it is releasing the critical component to enterprise class customers: native integration to their back office system. With the release of the Salesforce Connector for SAP R/3, is making the very important bridge for customers between their traditional enterprise systems and their on-demand installation.”'
(emphasis mine)

The Salesforce Connector for SAP R/3 will be free for Unlimited Edition customers and will cost $12,000 per annum for Enterprise Edition customers.

Other new features in Summer '06 edition include:

  • Partnerforce, Salesforce Partner Edition - customizable portals that allow on-demand management of the partner lifecycle.
  • AppExchange Mobile updates
  • Advanced Call Scripting
  • Lead History Tracking

Stay tuned, I'll publish my interview with executives over the next few days - focusing on Web Office and Web 2.0 implications of their business.

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  • You mean they never did this before?

    Does this mean it?s the first time they integrate with SAP (pronounced S.A.P)? Considering that the connector is developed by a third party, you would think they have done this along time ago.

    This is either another hyped up story for media consumption, or maybe it is true that until recently none of SFDC customers had such requirements to integrate the most popular enterprise resource planning solution on the planet, with CRM.

    Also, I believe has been offering an SAP connector for months in partnership with Salesforce using the AppExchange concept, so is this another episode of Salesforce biting the hands it feeds it?

    Also, how soothing it is to find out that other rivals such as Siebel, NetSuite and already integrate with SAP (Larry Ellison pronounces it SAP!) via already available third party connectors!