Robots speak up and defend global warming

Robots speak up and defend global warming

Summary: This is a guest post by Jason Rothman. He has been posting a lot lately on my blog, and you guys seem to be happy with it, so here's another post!

This is a guest post by Jason Rothman. He has been posting a lot lately on my blog, and you guys seem to be happy with it, so here's another post! When I was five, my parents took me to a fair where I played tic-tac-toe with a chicken and lost. I got over it because... well, I was five, but I was reminded of that today when I read this article about Nigel Leck who developed a robot, @AI_AGW, that scans Twitter every five minutes for people tweeting negative things about global warming, and then answers them with scientific evidence showing them they are in fact wrong.

@blbdr650 NOAA: How do we know the Earth's climate is warming? than a minute ago via AI_AGW

It looks for several hundred key phrases that climate change deniers use in their arguments, and then matches up the correct argument to their statement. Basically, the premise is that "deniers" use pre-constructed phrases to argue against the mountain of evidence, and in doing so, they tend to use the same phrases over and over. Leck’s Robot finds those phrases and answers them with the scientific links to back it up. The machine learns. Many of the people have no idea the argument is coming from a robot and continue to argue themselves into a corner. Sometimes the bot returns false positive results, because it cannot detect things like sarcasm, but it is learning ways around that. It is just more fun when a robot does all the grunt work for you. If you want to read more about machine learning, check out the wikipedia article for Turing Test.

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  • RE: Robots speak up and defend global warming

    Do you think it is aware of Climategate? And if it were infact aware of the falsification of data surrounding global warming would it be a violation of the prime directives for an AI to lie?
    • RE: Robots speak up and defend global warming

      Most of the information that you are referring to is a smear campaign bought and paid for by the energy industry. Congratulations!
      • RE: Robots speak up and defend global warming

      • RE: Robots speak up and defend global warming

        A number of the 'scientists' involved admitted to what they did after it became public.
      • Facts don't constitute a smear.

        @hoaxoner Do you know why Keith "One Tree" Briffa was called that?
    • RE: Robots speak up and defend global warming

      @ITSamurai I would tend to think its PART of Climategate.
    • humans are a component of the climate

      FACT: Our industrial actions have made changes to the atmosphere.

      How significant those changes are, and across what time frames, is a subject for discussion.

      Many people agree that "pollution" is bad and should be reversed. So why does using the phrase "global warming" make a difference?
  • Hmm. Create a global warming skeptic robot and

    turn it loose on twitter. Sit back with popcorn and watch twitter drop to its knees.
    • RE: Robots speak up and defend global warming

      @frgough Lol
  • I was surprised anyone believed the scare anymore...

    until recently. The scare is alive in the USA "science" centres I've noticed on my current travels in the US.

    In SF the Academy of Sciences reports "half of all species could become extinct in the next hundred years due to man-made global warming". My queries to staff regarding evidence to support such a ridiculous claim where meant with the "denier" tag. Seems this is all they have left.

    School kids were righting it down as fact. Frightening world of "green" science.
    Richard Flude
  • Just who is in "denial"?

    It's easy to create "global warming". All it takes is a few lines of code:<br><br>; Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline!!<br>;<br>yrloc=[1400,findgen(19)*5.+1904]<br>valadj=[0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,-0.1,-0.25,-0.3,0.,-<br>0.1,0.3,0.8,1.2,1.7,2.5,2.6,2.6,$<br>2.6,2.6,2.6]*0.75 ; fudge factor<br>(...)<br>;<br>; APPLY ARTIFICIAL CORRECTION<br>;<br>yearlyadj=interpol(valadj,yrloc,x)<br>densall=densall+yearlyadj
  • Turing Test

    Interesting that a computer is refuting the arguments of the global climate deniers. The next challenge for a Turing test is to have the computer make irrational and emotional arguments and have people try to figure out if it is a machine or a human. The talking points given by most posters seem to be stuck in a script; are they robots or are they human?
  • Why is this robot idea dumb?

    Now someone will have robot GW denier. Then these two robots will bring down Twitter, facebook, etc. with their back and forth messages. Of course, I don't care, I do not use either. :)
  • RE: Robots speak up and defend global warming

    What are you trying to say?
    Machines and virtual robots are defenders of the AWG process that will, if left to its own devices, affect everyone on the planet.
    Now the AWG elite don't have to answer to humanity with how or why their proposed methods are correct, and their (statistical) projections are the most likely to happen, as a new breed of knowledge-bot will recite the corrected 'truth'.
    Welcome to the new global government.
  • So the revelation of the hoax is a hoax?

    So instead of revealing the "energy industry" behind the hoax, the head of the CRU, Phil Jones just resigns. Yeah, that makes sense.
  • Robots speak up and defend global warming. Sounds about right for the hoax

    proponents to be using a robot to counter the counter-arguments.

    So, a robot with false information is now doing the dirty work for the proponents and defenders of the junk science. Which is not surprising and could be expected from those perpetrating a lie.

    People who are committed to a lie need to have someone or something repeating a lie over and over again until the opposition either gives up in the discussion, or the lie starts taking some semblance of truth.

    It's the age old saying, credited to Joseph Goebbles (the Nazi): "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

    No doubt, the robot developers believe that, banging the lie into people's heads will eventually win the day for the "global warming" Nazis. The thing they don't realize is that, in the current age of information overload, most people are not as clueless as they used to be, and that the truth eventually is heard.

    The robot (computer) is only as smart as the people thinking that it's a game winner for them. Dumb is as dumb does.
  • RE: Robots speak up and defend global warming

    There was a very good special on this on the BBC a few years ago before the BBC was politicized and the special disappeared. The conclusion is very evident. Its the sun, you dummy. Global warming is caused by fluctuations in solar output. Temperature goes up first before Carbon Dioxide goes up (because of the loss of CO2 from warmer sea water). Al Gore said it was complicated, apparently it was, for him and all of his zombies. He has it backwards.
    1100 years ago the northern polar ice cap melted every summer. Greenland was settled and exporting crops to Europe, via Viking ship. Trees were growing north of the arctic circle. It was the sun that time also.
    Messing with data is not cool. Designing experiments to 'prove' something that is not true is 'not cool'. Accusing people who insist on proper science being done is not cool. But according to a few people, my very uttering of these thoughts is 'criminal'. My favorite is the tarring of people with the 'you're in the employ of big oil." You think so? Put me in a room with an Oil company executive and a loaded gun and while I'm pretty sure no one will get shot, but I'm also pretty sure someone will mess their pants. I have no love at all for they who tanked our world economy with their unending greed.

    Good luck with this one Mr. Roboto.
    Bill F.
    • You were doing okay until you got to the "oil executives" and how they

      tanked the world economy.<br><br>So, how is it the oil companies and oil executives fault? Was anything else in play which played a bigger role in "tanking" the economy. Also, what about intrusive government regulations? Don't you think perhaps that played a bigger role in "tanking" the economy? What about Fannie-Mae and Freddie Mac and their roles in the financial and mortgage/banking industries. Did those two government sponsored agencies have anything to do with "tanking" the economy"? How about the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act)? Do you think if might be possible that the CRA was the biggest culprit in bringing down the economy? <br><br>You did okay with your global warming rant, but you failed miserably regarding the reasons for the collapse of the economies (more than one, btw).
  • Remember this author's name.

    And keep an eye on him.
  • except

    that global warming is fake.