British LTE tests to start 'within six months'

British LTE tests to start 'within six months'

Summary: O2 will conduct field tests of the successor to 3G in the coming months, making it the first operator in the UK to do so

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O2 plans to test long-term evolution of 3G technology in the UK, with trials likely to take place before summer 2010.

On Wednesday, the operator's parent company Telefónica said it will launch field tests of long-term evolution (LTE), the next generation of mobile broadband technology, in six countries "during the coming months". The trials will take place in the UK, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Brazil and Argentina.

A spokesman for O2 said he believes the British trial will begin "within the next six months". No details were given as to whether the tests will involve O2 customers, or where in the UK they will take place.

The LTE trials will be the first to be carried out by any operator in the UK, although T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange have all said they intend to roll out such networks in the future.

Telefónica has named Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, NEC, Nokia Siemens Networks and ZTE as the initial technology suppliers for the six-month-long field tests, although the project is still open to other suppliers.

According to Telefónica, LTE will allow its operators to offer their customers peak mobile broadband speeds of up to 340Mbps "in ideal conditions". The new technology will also make it possible to utilise spectrum more flexibly and boost network capacity, the company said.

The first European commercial LTE network is scheduled by TeliaSonera to go live next year in Sweden. The US operator Verizon is also pushing for a 2010 launch of its LTE network.

Topic: Networking

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  • O2 cutting edge again?

    I would be more impressed if they had even passable 3G coverage. Here in the southwest it goes from spasmodic to simply totally absent. They have been "threatened" by Ofcom for failing to deliver, but they need to seriously raise their game to keep me as a customer. Now the prospect is there of keeping my iPhone while using another supplier with better 3G (I think that should read "ANY supplier with better 3G) they will have to do something miraculous to keep my custom and money, I'm paying heavily for a service which simply isn't there.
    Does this news mean they are yet again going to be first with something they are unwilling or unable to deliver on?
  • We'll...

    Considering the last demographic i looked at for mobile coverage in general for UK they did an excellent job of covering the north sea, so your guess is as good as mine. :s

    Still one can hope.