Building Windows into free home PCs

Building Windows into free home PCs

Summary: Microsoft's Ray Fleming talks about the software the company is supplying for the government scheme to provide low-income families with free PCs

TOPICS: Networking

At the Bett educational technology show in London, Microsoft's Ray Fleming explains how the company worked with the government on its Home Access scheme to provide PCs for low-income families.

Topic: Networking

Tom Espiner

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  • Building Windows into free home PCs

    This should help spread trojans, malware, adware,and viruses a bit faster. Thank you MS.
  • Building Windows into free home PCs

    Actually, I agree. I fix a lot of young people's (Windows) computers. People who just do not understand the consequences of running improperly secured Windows computers and have no knowledge of the risks they are running. Indeed, in most cases, they don't really believe me when I tell them about all the potential badness out there on the net.

    So far as I can tell, Schools do not educate their students regarding the need for safe Internet access etc. and, of course, many of the parents are less computer literate than their children.

    So many people, of all ages, look at computers in the same way as any other consumer electrical product, i.e. just plug it in and switch it on ........ I would suggest that owning and using a computer is more like owning and using a car, you first have to learn how to drive competently and safely which, inter alia, means understanding the risks and dangers.

    Finally, most young people have no knowledge of any alternatives to the Mighty Microsoft, this should be corrected if they are to be properly educated rather than be subjected to the propaganda and commercial vested interests of Microsoft (and others). After all, the subliminal message is Microsoft is everything to all people. Ha!
    The Former Moley