Canalys: Pebble shipped more smart bands than Sony or Samsung in Q1 2014

Canalys: Pebble shipped more smart bands than Sony or Samsung in Q1 2014

Summary: Consumers haven't yet decided that wearables are a necessity so companies are actively working to gain market share. Pebble launched as a Kickstarter project and is currently beating the major brands.

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Wearables is a popular buzzword for 2014 and the latest Q1 2014 data from Canalys shows that a total of 2.7 million wearable bands were shipped. I wrote just last week that Samsung reportedly shipped over half a million Galaxy Gear watches, which seems to match up with the figures from Canalys.

Canalys: Pebble shipped more smart bands than Sony and Samsung in Q1 2014
(Image: Canalys)

The Canalys data shows that Pebble was the most shipped smart band product in the first quarter with 35 percent of the total, followed by Sony at 29 percent, Samsung at 23 percent, and 13 percent for others. The Pebble Steel is now shipping and Android Wear products will be launching soon so the smart band category may be seeing more sales in 2014.

In looking at the basic band category, we see Fitbit lead with almost half the market share even with the Force recall. Canalys reports that Jawbone's share rose when the UP24 was released overseas, but the figures were not provided in the press release. Nike's share dropped below 10 percent so their plan to stop making hardware may have been driven more by sales than by the possibility of working with Apple on fitness bands.

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Topics: Mobility, Health, Samsung

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  • Title is wrong.

    It should say "... more smart bands than Sony or Samsung"

    Since the sum of Sony (29%) AND Samsung (23%) is 52%, where Pebble Tec is only 35%.
  • Well, it's up to the consumer to decide.

    "Consumers haven't yet decided that wearables are a necessity"

    Well, it's up to the consumer to decide. There's no law of physics saying that adopting wearable tech is inevitable.

    It seems to me that bloggers have this mentality that if it showed up in a movie or comic book or TV show and looked cool and was popular, that must mean it's an inevitable hit if the tech becomes possible.

    Never quite been proven, and in fact many technologies have failed to take hold at all. Lots of dreams and visions never hold true, even in the face of them being feasible. Fads do exist in the tech industry, and things come and go.

    It may be that wearables simply turns out to be a niche industry. It's really possible that the benefits won't be appealing enough, or won't outweigh the drawbacks.

    Ultimately - it's up to the marketplace to decide. And we might not like their decision. But that's fine, that's how the world works.