Caution ahead for OS X Mavericks upgrade with scientific instrument workflows

Caution ahead for OS X Mavericks upgrade with scientific instrument workflows

Summary: A developer of color calibration systems tells customers that Mavericks upgrade will require driver updates and workflow workarounds.


A recent post on the X-Rite Photo Blog warned customers about "communication issues" between Mavericks systems and the company's color calibration instrumentation and software. These hardware packages are used in the professional content creation and video industries.

The company said that certain calibration applications will require a driver upgrade. X-Rite customers that have upgraded to the recently released Apple OS 10.9 Mavericks may experience communication issues with X-Rite instruments.

To resolve these communications issues, certain X-Rite applications require an update to the latest X-Rite Device Services (XRD v2.3.2) driver software. The update is only for Mavericks systems.

It is highly recommended to perform this update. Please note that this auto-update will only be performed on Mavericks and is triggered once a day. XRD will not be auto-updated on any other operating system, be it Mac or Windows based.

In addition, Mavericks also breaks calibration of dual display setups. The primary display is calibrated, but the app crashes when starting calibration of the secondary display. The blog post details a workaround.

Suggestion: Anyone with a workflow that uses a scientific instrument should be very cautious approaching the Mavericks upgrade. Check with the vendor about any reports of driver or software issues with the product. And it's best to wait, wait, wait.

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  • beta

    How long was maverick beta out? Why didn't the software company test it?
    • They are Apple

      They don't accommodate your needs; you learn to eat whatever they deign to feed you.

      No matter how bad it smells.
      • This isn't an Apple issue

        This is a software vendor issue. They should have tested their software on Mavericks and updated accordingly.
        • X-Rite blows when it comes to updates

          Please, these are the same people that were still using Rosetta Stone as the basis of their software two years ago. The company knew Mavericks was coming and chose not to beta test or adjust as needed.
          • no "Stone" - just Rosetta

            Got carried away. Point being, they aren't exactly ahead of the curve when it comes to software updates. They don't update existing software to comply with new operating systems. They will come out with a new software package that requires new hardware very soon. In the meantime we will all be stuck with poorly patched together driver updates.

            Boo X-Rite.
  • Can't be...

    Apple "just works."
  • Clearly someone is doing double duty

    At Apple with this "colour oops" and at Microsoft with their "mouse oops."
  • upgrades are news.

    "X-Rite applications require an update to the latest X-Rite Device Services (XRD v2.3.2) driver software."
    I'm going on a leap of faith here but X-Rite is probably ahead of ZDnet in the advisory chain. etc.
    • Unfounded

      Judging X-Rite's history, that assumption would be generous at best.