CeBIT: Complete coverage

CeBIT: Complete coverage

Summary: Many firsts were achieved at the recent IT trade show, CeBIT Australia 2007, in Sydney. Find out more plus check out our full coverage of the event.


round up Many firsts were achieved at the recent IT trade show, CeBIT Australia 2007, in Sydney.

Condoms for your phone

How mobile phone condoms (pic) fit into business technology is beyond us but they sure turned many heads.

The event forced us to become broadcast journalists of sorts -- news reporters manning the mike to provide video updates due to severe restrictions on video content by CeBIT organiser Hannover Fairs.

While there were no limitations for shots on the show floor, keynote and panel sessions were a no go. To be fair, Hannover Fairs didn't bar us from shooting these sessions; the organisation merely wanted us to limit our videos to 60 seconds (maximum), embed a CeBIT Australia watermark in all our videos, and some other conditions only Hollywood agents and lawyers would be familiar with.

But thanks to the genius of our video editor Matthew Oxley, our journalists conducted a video wrap after each session they attended so readers could have an insight into the keynotes (apart from their written stories).

Below is a compilation of videos, images and stories by the ZDNet Australia team including Steven Deare, Luke Anderson, Munir Kotadia, Brian Haverty, Scott Mckenzie, Stephen Turner and Farha Raziuddin.

Topics: Government, Government AU, Linux, Open Source, CEBIT

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  • wow great stuff

    nice to see zdnet is on the cutting edge. cebit tv has a lot to learn from this.