CeBIT: Emerging technologies honoured

CeBIT: Emerging technologies honoured

Summary: ZDNet Australia held the inaugural Emerging Technology Innovation Awards last night in conjunction with CeBIT.

TOPICS: CEBIT, Tech Industry

ZDNet Australia held the inaugural Emerging Technology Innovation Awards last night in conjunction with CeBIT. Taking top honours was a product from Consulvest Australia called the Dead on Demand Digital Shredder.

The "shredder" is a portable, easy-to-operate device that securely erases hard drives in decommissioned computers at many times the rate of existing disk wiping technologies. According to Consulvest executive director, Jorge Silveira, "It's how James Bond would wipe his hard drive."

Taking Honourable Mentions were CaptureMail from MailGuard, AppExchange from and M3 from E-Novation. Editors from ZDNet Australia sifted through the many Award entries to come up with a "short" list of 20 products and services. Entries were scored on how they measured up in several different categories, including innovation, productivity, ROI, and ease of management.

The Emerging Technology Innovation Awards ceremony was held towards the end of the second day of the CeBIT event in Sydney. The full list of finalists can be found below.

  • Attache Software Australia (Attache)
  • Consulvest Australia (Dead on Demand Digital Shredder)
  • Eaton Power Quality (Powerware BladeUPS)
  • E-Novation (M3)
  • FileSphere (FileSphere Enterprise)
  • Fortune Tec (S21T Super Home Theatre PC Case)
  • Hitachi DZ-HS303SW)
  • MailGuard (CaptureMail)
  • mHITs (Person-to-Person Payments by SMS)
  • Mobbiexpress International (MobbieBanker)
  • NetComm (NB9W)
  • Netgear (DG834GV Integrated ADSL2+ Modem and Wireless Router with Voice)
  • Nuance (PDF Converter Professional 4)
  • Plantronics (Plantronics M15D)
  • Raritan (CommandCenter NOC)
  • (AppExchange)
  • Softwin (BitDefender Internet Security v10)
  • Strix Systems (Access/One Outdoor Wireless System)
  • Tumbleweed Communications (MailGate 5600 Appliance)
  • Viocorp International (Viostream)
  • MyNetFone

Topics: CEBIT, Tech Industry

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  • Australian DSD recognised method for media sanitisation

    Quite impressive, this product goes in line with the most recent update of our ACSI-33l manual issued September 2007. This seems to be the only commercially available solution that will enable government agencies to be complaint with the new rules. The lUS, Canada have already adopted such technology. We purchased this product recently and was quite impressed with the results, it enables ATA firmware SE command to be safely executed, with a whole bunch of audit trail, security levels, tamper free features. I would say it is a good choice to be complaint and safe that data will not be recovered by unauthorized persons.
  • Secure Erase - Consulvest

    We recently purchased a Digital Shredder from consulvest, the speed and reliability of secure erase is amazing. Ive been working with data wiping technologies for over 10 years, but this is seriously a tool tech staff should look into. we have since then updated our internal privacy policies to include the end of life - decommissioning life cycle of computers and photocopiers, this has been welcomed by all our customers who are appreciating the care we are having before disposing of our computer assets. Ive been informed that our customers and board were happy to know we are using a technology that will help protect confidential company data. the only downside of the product is that it does only 3 drives at a time. wiping (all data, including G-lists, resetting DCO-HPA) a 40GB drive takes around 25 minutes.
  • our hdds

    we got one of this unit, been good, but we noticed that we had some errors witha few 2.5" hard drives, mostly 40GB IDE, after several tries and no luck, we contacted support, which provided us with an updated firmware which resolved all issues we were having, after that .. all good.. speed is the main reason we got one of this... there are some competing products now available, like the cpr tools hammer... which i dont have heaps of info, but word of mouth says its good too, and does 4 drives at a time and weights less than 400g... a huge difference from the edt digital shredder, either way i recommend using secure erase technology
  • 16 minutes

    our 40GB SATA were taking 16 minutes...then all data is gone!.. maybe IDE is slower... we are rolling out around 2000 drives, all SATA.