CES: Hands-on with Samsung 9 Series

CES: Hands-on with Samsung 9 Series

Summary: At CES 2011, the Korean manufacturer launched an ultra-thin 13.3-inch laptop aimed squarely at beating the MacBook Air at its own game

TOPICS: CES, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Samsung 9 Series laptop front view

    Taking on the recently launched and undeniably svelte Apple MacBook Air will be no mean feat, but Samsung thinks it has a worthy contender on its hands with its new 9 Series laptop — announced at CES 2011 in Las Vegas on Wednesday — which measures just 16.25mm.

    The chassis is constructed from a material known as Duralumin, which Samsung says offers a quality that is twice as durable as aluminium. It also helps to keep the device's weight down, meaning it weighs in at just 1.3kg.

    Photo credit: Ben Woods

  • Samsung 9 Series laptop lid view

    The 9 Series has a 13.3-inch, 1,366 by 768-pixel backlit LED SuperBright Plus display, which the company says has 400 nits — a measure of luminous intensity — of brightness.

    Powering the laptop is an Intel Core i5 2537M processor and Intel HD graphics.

    Samsung says that the lithium polymer battery should last up to 6.5 hours. The 9 Series also includes options such as 'Battery Life Extender Mode' and 'Express Charging Mode' allowing the user to control the charging cycle.

    Photo credit: Ben Woods

Topics: CES, Hardware, Mobility

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