Cisco to buy LineSider for network management software

Cisco to buy LineSider for network management software

Summary: The company will acquire LineSider Technologies, which produces network management software to speed up deployments of physical and virtual networks

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Cisco Systems on Wednesday said it will acquire LineSider Technologies, which specialises on network management software for rapid provisioning.

LineSider image

LineSider's flagship product is OverDrive, with components shown above. Credit: LineSider

LineSider, a privately held company is based in Danvers, Massachusetts, will give Cisco the ability to provision networks faster and bring more cloud computing heft to its line-up. The idea behind LineSider's software is to deploy both physical and virtual networks quickly. LineSider's software organizes network resources via policies and adapts to various scenarios.

In a statement, Cisco said LineSider employees will join the company and operate under the network management technology group. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Topic: Tech Industry

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