Another iPhone shock case in China leaves man in coma

Another iPhone shock case in China leaves man in coma

Summary: 30-year-old Wu Jiantong remains in ICU in a Beijing hospital, 10 days after he received an electric shock while connecting his iPhone 4 to a third-party charger. This is the second such case involving an iPhone in China, where the first had left a Chinese stewardess dead.

This is the second electric shock case involving iPhone to emerge in China.

For the past 10 days, a man in China has been in a coma and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a Beijing hospital after getting shocked while charging his iPhone, according to a Beijing Wan Bao report published on July 18.

Wu Jiantong, 30, apparently had yelled "I'm getting shocked" when he was connecting his iPhone 4 to a charger, which was later found to be a counterfeit or third-party product. His sister related the incident, adding that she went to his rescue by pulling the charger out of the socket.

"I then felt needle-like pains on my fingertips. The current was running from my finger, through to my arm and body, and to the foot," said Wu's sister. By then, her brother was not responsive, and was twisting and foaming at the mouth.

When the ambulance came, medics had to give Wu cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Upon arrival at the hospital, he wasn't breathing and was in a poor condition, but doctors managed to revive him. Three days later, Wu's condition had stabilized, but he remained in a coma and ICU due to a lack of oxygen supply to his brain over a long period of time.

"It was no doubt an electric shock," said Wu's doctor atthe Hai Dian Hospital in Beijing.

According to the Beijing Wan Bao report, both the iPhone and the charger appeared to still be in good working condition. However, Wu's sister said the charger was not a genuine Apple product but a third-party option.

These details emerge after news broke earlier this week that a Chinese stewardess had died after reportedly being electrocuted, while answering phonecalls on her iPhone 5 that was being charged. Media reports later suggested the charger she was using might not have been a genuine Apple product

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  • So a FAKE 3rd party device is at fault

    ... but somehow the fault is in the iPhone??

    This is like the case of the kidney guy. Apple had NOTHING to do with it, the guy sold his kidney for cash $$$ .... but because he purchased a Apple device it became news about Apple.

    What about actually telling the truth on the titles ... for once???
    • apple and its over priced chargers

      Apple does share some of the blame their prices on chargers & cables are too high. Lower the price and users will buy official ones.
      Eric Casey
      • apple and its over priced chargers

        Maybe they charge what they do because they use high-quality components that don't malfunction!

        Unlike the cheaper crap parts, there was a comparison between them all, an interesting read - I would never use a knock-off item now!
        James Gilroy
      • Then don't buy one.

        Apple is only for rich and can afford people. If you are to blame the priced that you pay for quality of product it is not fair at all. You want cheap, then you get the cheap with serious consequences.

        You have the freedom to choose but never blame apple, they have NOTHING TO DO with this cheap people.
  • Yikes, so glad I dumped the iphone for a Nokia Lumia 920

    No electrocution problems with my phone. No comas, no deaths, and no suicides by the people making them.

    iphones bring nothing but misery to this world.
    • No problems....

      That you have heard of....
    • Really?

      Judging by your comment it does not give much credibility to your choice of phone.
    • Are you sure?

      Cisco, Huawei, Nintendo, Sony and Nokia all confirmed they use Foxconn as a manufacturer, though Nokia said the "clear majority" of its phones are made in-house...
    • If you read the article, the electrocution was due to a non apple charger.

      Your Lumia 920 is still made in China, just at a nokia factory not a 3rd party one, so you really have no idea about the conditions of the workers there.

      As for the safety of Nokia products, they seem just as likely as any other.

      The only thing that brings nothing but misery to this world are you continuous anti-apple posts.
    • What's a plugin charger?

      Is that like a steam train or horse and buggy from the olden days?

      People still living in the olden days and no wireless charging :(
      • Can't Wait For The Future…

        …When we have wireless electrocution.
  • I wonder how todbottom evaded the ZDnet ‘spam’ filter?

    Every comment I’ve offered ("Join the Conversation!”) has been rejected as “spam.”
  • Now, if I write something that’s not anti-Apple, will I be filtered?

    I wonder how Nokia’s work with third-party chargers? (Both Apple cases involved third-party hardware.)
  • Crazy Apple Association

    How is using a dodgy third party charger anything to do with Apple?
    • How can you ask that?

      If you tape two wires straight from a wall socket to an iPhone, and drop the thing in your bath, then any damage you suffer is pure Apple negligence.

      Jeez, get with the program Marte09!

  • Pirated Chinese Chargers

    I recall buying a cheap charger for my laptop from China. The thing heated up and explored.
    People.... it's better to spend the extra $ and get the original chargers.
    • exploted

      • The word you are looking for..

        Is "exploded".
  • Another electrocution free day for me and my Nokia Lumia 920

    Too bad iphone users aren't quite so lucky.

    Time to switch to a better and safer phone. I switched from iphone to Nokia Lumia 920 and I haven't been electrocuted even once since then.