China says US regularly hacks its military sites

China says US regularly hacks its military sites

Summary: Web sites of Defense Ministry and China Military Online were hacked approximately 144,000 times per month in 2012, with over 60 percent of IP addresses originating from the U.S., says China's defense ministry.

Two Chinese military sites received about 144,000 hacking attacks a month in 2012, of which 62.9 percent came from U.S.

Two Chinese military Web sites received about 144,000 hacking attacks on average a month last year, of which about two-third had originated from the United States.

In a statement published Thursday on China's Ministry of Defense Web site, spokesperson Geng Yansheng said the ministry's site as well as the Web site of China Military Online--which is operated the Chinese army--faced "serious threat from hacking attacks" since their establishment. The number of hacks targeting the two sites also had risen steadily in recent years, he said.

"According to the IP addresses, the Defense Ministry and China Military Online Web sites were, in 2012, hacked from overseas on average 144,000 times a month, of which attacks from the U.S. accounted for 62.9 percent," Geng said in the statement.

He also pointed to reports that the U.S. planned to expand its cyberwarfare capabilities which was not helpful in increasing international cooperation toward combating cybercrimes. "We hope the U.S. side can explain and clarify this," the Chinese defense official said.

Responding to the Mandiant report released last week, which alleged the Chinese army launched cyberattacks against U.S. companies, Geng reiterated China's response stating the report was "neither professional nor [accurate]" and "full of loopholes".

"Chinese law forbids hacking attacks which undermine mutual networking safety behavior, [and] the Chinese government has always resolutely combated crime live action. The Chinese army [also do not] support any hacker activity," he noted.

China previously said it was also a victim of cyberattacks and was eager to play a bigger role in fighting cybercrime. Earlier this week, the Chinese government voiced concerns accusations against the country would increase the risk of conflict and deter nations from working together to safeguard the Internet.


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  • So the military attacking...

    So accusing the US military of attacking the Chinese military makes it okay for the Chinese military to attack the US Government, US Military, AND US Civilians/Industry?
    Keeping Current
  • and?

    China hacks us, MS gives them source code and $3 licenses, and cspan reports their selling our military counterfeit components...
  • Face it kids...

    ...EVERY country is trying to hack into EVER OTHER country on the planet.

    It's called Espionage/Counter-Espionage...and has been going on since the dawn of civilation.

    If anyone thinks for a nano-second that the US isn't regularly trying to gain access to other countries' computer systems, then they need to go right back under the rock they are living under.
    • Dear ZDNet Webmaster...

      ...why on earth can't you put the EDIT feature back on this site? Are your programmers that stupid that they forgot how to code it?
  • Somedays, even the adults bite their nails and pick their noses.

    Hacking gets you what the other side wants to give to you. If the other side is obviously too stupid not to do this, then they'll find a way to let you think you've won and still look stupid. Show weakness when you're not. Show strength when you're not and don't forget to lie, lie, lie and sometimes a whimper helps reinforce your advertising campaign. In the meantime, the truly stupid believe everything they see and hear because it reinforces their life in hell.
  • And in other news...

    Research shows that water is wet.
  • Choice of picture...

    Given the number of US jobs that have been farmed out to China in the past decade and a half, I almost want to put a caption at the bottom of that picture that says "pound it!"
  • The 50-steps laughs at the 100-steps?

    Both of US and China blame on each other on hacking.

    There is a picture in my mind now: the solder who is running 50 steps away from battel field is laughing at the one who has ran 100 steps away.
  • Laughable.....

    A tit for tat.
    And assuming you believe the Chinese government propoganda. US report by a third party company. Chinese report by the military.
    "Chinese law forbids hacking attacks". You mean China has laws? Doesn't seem to stop the counterfeit software or other illregal activity - unless it is illegal for Chinese citizens to do so but legal for the military.