Chinese media lash out over U.S. allegations

Chinese media lash out over U.S. allegations

Summary: Local media in China liken the report from the U.S. House of Representatives, urging a ban on products from Huawei and ZTE, as "paranoid thinking of the Cold War".


Urging from the U.S. government to ban products from Huawei and ZTE, which rank as the world's second and fifth biggest telecommunication equipment makers, has attracted global attention because the allegations are bizarre and not based on any solid evidence, according to the overseas edition of People's Daily.

The report from the U.S. House of Representatives claimed equipment from Huawei and ZTE are sending messages to China by remote controls. People's Daily said the U.S. failed to provide any evidence on its serious allegations and lack even any hearsay evidence.

The report also pointed out that Huawei has close commercial ties with the Chinese military, but People's Daily said military in every country is likely to cooperate with local high-tech companies on commercial deals.

Boeing, in particular, is famous for delivering military orders to the U.S. government and regards Pentagon still as the most important client today. The Chinese-language newspaper commented if this meant that Boeing also should be boycotted by other countries on this regard.

"The accusation reflects paranoid thinking during the Cold War by some people on Capitol Hill, which not only interferes with Chinese companies but the U.S. Itself by jeopardizing the business environment," said People's Daily.

Another report by China's official English-language newspaper China Daily said the US congressional report against the two Chinese technology giants is "based on rumors and aimed at impeding competition from China,", citing replies from Huawei and ZTE.

In the report titled "Huawei, ZTE hit back at 'biased' US market report", China Daily interviewed spokesperson for ZTE, David Dai, who said as Chinese telecommunication companies have gained global market share rapidly in recent years, it has caused "admiration, jealousy, and doubt" in some quarters.

The Beijing-based English newspaper also talked to Wu Hequan, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who said "U.S. bias against Chinese telecom companies is deep-rooted and not easy to overcome", and "frequent charges and accusations from the U.S. side have already tarnished the market's reputation as an open and fair one".

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  • News Flash!

    China changes course - now wants "open and fair" markets!

    In other news: China decries "paranoid" thinking!

    In yet other news: Chinese companies suing for theft of intellectual property!
    • News Flash! (News Flash My ...)

      "In other news: China decries "paranoid" thinking!"
      tell that to wikileaks!
  • Give me the Heimlich manuever...

    ... I'm starting to choke on China's hypocrisy.
  • Makes sense to me

    The Communist Party controlled People's Daily decries allegedly unfair treatment of Communist Party controlled Chinese corporations, noting that "military in every country is likely to cooperate with local high-tech companies on commercial deals".
    John L. Ries
    • The thing to remember is...

      ...the only media outlets in mainland China that are independent of Communist Party control are illegal. The same can be said of nearly every other mainland Chinese institution, to include commercial corporations.

      Anything else would be "unpatriotic".
      John L. Ries
    • Chinese media lash out over U.S. allegations

      @John L. Ries
      ever heard of the military-industrial-complex. china is just following us template in everything! otherwise, they will not move forward militarily, economically, and socially. kudos to america... without them knowing it, the chinese middle class is in the ascension, and sooner or later the apparatchiks will lose control. on side note, i hope the mics and oil companies will not hijack us democracy...
  • Chinese media lash out over U.S. allegations

    "People's Daily said the U.S. failed to provide any evidence on its serious allegations and lack even any hearsay evidence." Whoever that d*mb ass id*ot that told that clueless house member that chinese-made equipment is phoning home must be subjected to frontal lobotomy. we can glean at the mental capacity of our leaders by just watching them spout non-sense... where are their handlers that are meant to filter out nonsensical information getting into their mentally-challenged heads? even upcomings and has-beens in hollywood have handlers that do damage control whenever they shoot themselves on the foot. what are those interns doing? you are the future leaders! do something and educate your grand-pappys!