Foxconn worker commits suicide, factory abuse suspected

Foxconn worker commits suicide, factory abuse suspected

Summary: The 18-year-old male resolves to die by jumping twice off the same building, succeeding at the second attempt. Saddened family questions if he was abused while working for Foxconn.

TOPICS: Tech Industry, China

After 40 days working in Foxconn's Shenzhen factory, a 18-year-old male twice jumped off the same hotel building to commit suicide, according to a local newspaper's report.

The man, only identified as Li, tried to kill himself by leaping out of the stairwell window between the third and fourth floor in a hotel in Shenzhen around 5.30pm on Dec. 10, 2012. The local police said that he was likely caught by the advertising board and survived the first fall, but then he went to a higher level in the same building to jump again.

After hearing two bangs, the hotel staff found Li lying prone and bleeding outside the hotel front gate. Suffering from severe brain injury and skull fracture, he was then rushed to a local hospital emergency room but was later pronounced dead.

"He called me the night before and said that he did not want to work for Foxconn anymore. But he refused to tell me why," said Li's aunt. She asked him to come back to Hunan--his hometown province--if he was not happy working in Shenzhen.

"We are appalled and saddened by the tragedy," said Foxconn's spokesperson. "Every deceased employee means a loss to us. But they are free individuals and we are not able to monitor their every move."

The autopsy showed that Li's right eye was bruised before the jump, and the family questioned Foxconn on whether he was abused and what exactly drove the young man to his death.

In reply, Foxconn said Li was never abused or bullied and was negotiating a 600,000 yuan (US$96,000) compensation deal with the family.

Topics: Tech Industry, China

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  • Considering the Foxconn suicide rate is way lover than average within the

    ... country, the family can suspect anything.
    • Do you have any numbers on that?

      just curious.
      William Farrel
      • Here's a few sources: - yeah wikipedia I know but there are sources to back up their stats. - China's suicide rate as a whole - A comparison between China nationally, Foxconn, and New Zealand nationally - comparing Foxconn suicide rates to US suicide rates
  • Foxconn employs

    800,000 people. The only reason thesis news is because journalists today are actually propagandists, and they have decided Foxconn is an enemy.
    • Actually, Foxconn has 1.1 million workers already

      The subject.
    • Sarcasm: Which is the reason...

      ...why nobody should believe any news article not appearing in certified Conservative publications. After all, Good Guys are incapable of either lying or being mistaken (that's why they're Good Guys); and Bad Guys are incapable of telling the truth without severely distorting it.

      But why are you so eager to defend working conditions in a Communist dictatorship?
      John L. Ries
  • you don't want this to happen in the US

    That poor guy had to trie twice to kill himself and had unnecessary pain and suffering.
    We are blessed to live in the USA.Thanks to our second amendment we can resolve these situations humanely with a gun.
    The Linux Geek
    • Good to live in the US

      Agree. Too bad China, where organized labor is prohibited, and a government with more money than any other nation, is unwilling to enforce labor laws and force minimum levels of appropriate working conditions,

      That being said, they are loving the New York Times for shifting the blame to Foxocnn's customer, Apple.
      • Organized labor isn't prohibited

        The Communist Party is completely free to organize workers however they like. They can even arrange for the unwilling to be sent to labor camps.

        The difference is that in a Communist state, trade unions and most other supposedly private organizations exist at the sufferance of the Party (the de facto government) which generally insists on unconditional obedience. Thus, Party-dominated unions and civic organizations aren't a threat to Communist Party supremacy, but independent ones are.
        John L. Ries
      • As if Apple

        is Foxconn's only customer. The iHaters tend for gloss over the fact that Foxconn does work for companies like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Nintendo, and many others. However the settlement Foxconn is paying the family is fairly respectable... "In reply, Foxconn said Li was never abused or bullied and was negotiating a 600,000 yuan (US$96,000) compensation deal with the family." Not too many US companies would shell out that much without some sort of lawsuit.
        • 100% of Samsung phones and tablets are made by Foxconn

          In fact, the factory making Samsung smartphones were directly named as one of two who had child labor and were paying less than 1/2 of what the iPhone/iPad workers earned.