comScore: Android still mobile king; Apple's growth spurt

comScore: Android still mobile king; Apple's growth spurt

Summary: Samsung retains the lead over other smartphone makers, but its share is shrinking, while Apple is growing faster than Android but Google's mobile operating system still retains the platform crown.


Samsung and Google remain in holy matrimony as the dominant duopoly in the smartphone space. But Apple is growing faster than Android is, and Google could end up suffering a rocky few months.

According to comScore, Google's Android operating system remained on top in June thanks to its partnership with Samsung, which also remains at the top of the smartphone makers' table. But with only weeks before Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone and a couple of months before its release, the Cupertino-based technology giant is outpacing Google. 

While last month's figures -- February to May -- showed Samsung was still growing albeit, from the three month average of March to June showed the Korean technology giant declined in share by 0.4 percent, while Apple grew by 1.4 percent; slightly less than last month's figures but nevertheless on the whole a consistent growth pattern.

Samsung now stands at 25.6 percent of the mobile market -- smartphone and non-smartphones -- while Apple's smartphones alone are in at 15.4 percent.

While there's still a large gap between the two rival device makers, Apple is catching up month on month.

Remember, this was even before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III; next month's figures will be enlightening to see whether or not Apple can ride on its curveball success or if Samsung continues to decline.

HTC marginally grew, while Motorola lost out by more than a whole percentage point. 

Compare this to platform, however, and Apple is shown again to outpace every other platform vendor in the mobile space. It saw a rise by 1.7 percent, while Android only managed 0.6 percent. 

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion retains its third-place standing, but will likely not see a rival jump up and bite it from the behind. As RIM continues to decline at roughly the same rate month-on-month that Apple rises, RIM's platform will continue to dwindle down until a point where Microsoft will take its place.

Symbian, Nokia's ailing and now deprecated operating system, continued to decline. At least for Nokia, that's likely a good sign. 

Samsung's successes next month rely all but entirely on the company's debut of the Galaxy S III -- dubbed the next BYOD buddy for enterprise customers bringing in devices from home -- which recently saw the 10 million sales milestone after just a month. Granted, it was a rough start for the company with slow rollouts and manufacturing problems, but Apple may see only limited gains with a slowdown in iPhone sales in the run-up to the iPhone 5 launch, expected in October, as per its Q3 earnings

comScore said there are now 234 million U.S. mobile users aged 13 and older with smartphones, up by 4 percent to 110 million since March. This pegs the smartphone penetration figure at more than 47 percent of the overall phone population.

Image credit: comScore.

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  • GS3

    iOS has so many limitations, I wish people would know this before they get one. Since I work for Sprint and take advanced technical support phone calls, I have experience with telling people, no there is no 4G, no file manager, no you can't use your own sound as a ringtone (without a 12 step convoluted process), you can't drag and drop media, the FF camera is only .3 megapixels on the iPhone 4S & New iPad, no widgets...I can go on and on and I wish people would honestly compare other devices feature for feature before they buy. Most of the time though, they only buy it because of the snobby attitude they cop. I wish there was room for several operating system echo systems in the mobile space to keep up the innovation pressure!
    • While I can certainly understand what your saying....

      As an IT guy, I've found that most users want simplicity - they want it to "just work". The ordinary, garden variety end user could care less about specs, as long as the phone is snappy, (ie: responsive) takes good pictures, and lets them FB/Twitter/Instagram/test.

      Only the IT/Techy peeps like you and I take hardware specs/software into consideration when buying a new phone. (That aside, I'm salivating for my GS3 - I should be getting it within a week or so.)
      • Correction

        Test should be "text"
      • sorry

        You are absolutely wrong! There certainly are plenty of 'techy' features you'll only get with Android and not on iOS, that rate as 'specs' that most don't care about. However, not one of those he mentioned falls into that category. And there are many more that could have been listed.

        Your use of the 'just works' old chestnut is highly suggestive of lazy thinking, being hypnotised by Apple marketing or worse, the whole piece is subterfuge.
        • Read my rep;u tp Weelod below....

          We are all individuals some of us like a Jack of all trades... Master of none. Me I prefer a tool that is specially made to prefer certain tasks well. The trick for all of us is to find the right tool for the job and that fits us as individuals so we as individuals are more productive weather we are working or seeking fun it's better to get more out of our tools/toys. You do it with android devices me I do it with iOS. You actually can't argue with this.....

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
          • Are you feeling ok, James Quinn?

            I can not understand what message you are attempting to convey in your subject header.
            Tim Cook
          • challenge accepted

            Can't argue? I don't think Apple deserves our money. Nor does Google or Samsung. We should make our own smartphones that will allow us to express ourselves how we want rather than what closely matches us best. How's that for an argument? :)
      • really?

        Okay if you don't under stand, even as a supposed IT guy, which you probably suck at, then the tech field Is too big for you. Specs has always been seen as better. Always has and will. By average user and by technophobes. Now saying that, the specs of a Galaxy S3 will far outlast the specs of an iPhone 5-6 or 7. By at least three years Apple will have to play catch up to one device. Less specs = more upgrades. Go back to middle school and get involved in lunch trading, it is the same kind of husiness there.
    • Well...

      This is because Apple has created an atmosphere where people will wonder what they're missing... Unfortunately, many find out too late, they give up much more than they were missing with the iPhone.
      • Satisfaction is more important than features

        When people are asked how much they like their phones, the ones who own iPhones always say that they like their phones much more than do any other other phone available. Perhaps the things you think are important are not important to most people.

        Source: J.D. Power's 2012 Smartphone Satisfaction Survey
        • Apple lost in it's own anger.

          I'd find that statement of liking their iPhone more than any other phone available when they have actually tried using other phones for more than a few minutes at a mobile vendor's shop. IMO iPhone WAS a leading edge phone. It is sadly falling behind by focusing too much on the litigation ans too little on the innovative spirit they are so proud of. I enjoyed their attitude during the days of the iPod. Others may have copied or been inspired to release similar designs but Apple always (I cannot stress this enough, ALWAYS) came up with something a jump better in a few months. Now Apple seems to have lost its original spirit. If there will be an example of a company destroying itself from within it will in a few years be Apple if they are not careful.
      • I keep running into these limitations on my iPhone... Except I don't.

        My iPhone does everything I need/want it to do and more. More importantly it does it all well, very well in fact. Lets put it this way I carry a very effective easy to conceal, and deadly knife made by Buck. It has a single blade and it has a lock design that is quick to release with but a snap of my wrist the blade is out and ready for use. It is made to do what I need a knife to do. I could carry a swiss army knife well known blades with a multitude of purposes and or features but it is a bulky slow to bring into action device that does not fit my needs and it's bulk alone makes it a rather strange and obvious thing in my pocket while my buck lock blade is practically invisible. So you won't be able to sell me on a swiss army knife nor an android device they may have more features but features I just have not need or want of.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
        • As you say match the tool to the purpose

          I agree that for your example purpose the Buck fits well, unfortunately if the situation changes to something the Buck is not suited for the Swiss army knife WILL be a better tool to have.
      • Not really

        I've owned WM, iOS, and Android devices... I find I still use my iPhone more despite having an Android device that has better specs.
    • Limitations? sure, but creating ringtones is not one of them on the Mac

      $1.99 iRingtones app. Drag and drop from iTunes. Yes, I know there are lots of Windows users out there. Maybe the have a similar app.
      • With Android it's free

        With Android it's free to load ringtones

        Just drag and drop any sound files anywhere in an SD card
        and suddenly all those files appear as ringtones for you to choose!!

        • It's free with Apple too

          And not that hard. Then again, when you hate a technology for no good reason, you usually don't try to understand how to do things on it. When you do, not one step you'll do without stating how stupid it is.
    • See my reply to Weekid below.....

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • add to the list:

      add to the list:

      non-replaceable battery:
      just this one is enough to make me never buy iPhone as i always want to carry spare batteries in case i forget to charge

      no memory card slot for SD cards:
      just this one also is enough to make me never buy iPhone. Nothing beats copying all your files in an SD card and access them anywhere

      no expandable internal memory
      better watch that storage, if you max out.. you are stuck.

      • FUnny that... There are many an android device and Windows phones being

        made with none replaceable batteries. Seems to be a growing trend.

        Apple leads the way once more:)

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn