Conroy's two-way: caption contest

Conroy's two-way: caption contest

Summary: Communications Minister Stephen Conroy used a two-way radio last Friday when marking the start of construction on a fibre-optic cable in WA. But what was he saying? Tell us to win a Norton 360 cap signed by V8 Supercar legend Craig Lowndes.

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Communications Minister Stephen Conroy used a two-way radio last Friday when marking the start of construction on a fibre-optic cable in WA. But what was he saying? Tell us to win a Norton 360 cap signed by V8 Supercar legend Craig Lowndes.

(Credit: Nextgen Networks)

To win, post your caption in the talkback below this article.

The picture above was taken in WA last Friday when Conroy marked the start of construction on a fibre-optic communications backbone that will link Perth and Geraldton as part of the Federal Government's $250 million Regional Backbone Blackspots Program.

You can post anonymously if you wish, but make sure to include your correct address in the email field so we can let you know you've won!

The ZDNet Australia editorial team will choose the best entry after a week of discussion and announce the winner on the morning of Friday, 4 June. Terms and conditions can be found below.

The winner is ... *drum roll please* Stephen Dann! His comment is now shown in the image above.

Although it was one of the first comments submitted for the competition, it elicited belly laughs from everyone.

The runner-up prize goes to freon101 for: "Conroy announces new plan to filter CB channels after accidentally hearing truckies swearing on UHF Channel 40".

Thank you everyone for entering. We had a wonderful time reading them!

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Topic: Government AU

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  • That's a 10-4 good buddy, and we are planning a similar level of technology for the NBN!
  • "Nah, this one's no good. I need the one for digging myself into a deeper holes"
  • "Nextgen told me they buried the cable here somewhere, but I can't find it... Sorry...? What's that...? What do you mean, `Do a Google search'...?"
    Mark Newton-c3f35
  • "I think we are going to need a bigger truck to burry all the crap I have been spreading about google"
  • "No, sorry, the hole is still not big enough for my head"
    John Croucher
  • Facebook.... hello facebook?
  • "Hello? Is this the Internet?"
  • *Christian group on the other end* "Yes, I promise you won't regret supporting me in my election campaign. As long as I keep saying the words Child Porn and Bestiality when ever someone opposes the filter, I can not lose!"
    John Croucher
  • Before we copy China's filter, we shall re-enact Tiananmen square. Send in the Dozers!
  • (By Senator Conjob speaking into Two-Way) "Release the Interweb!"
    (By someone off camera) "Senator, you need to press the button to talk."
    (By Senator Conjob) " Ohhh..I just don't get this new technology"
  • Forbidden what? Look - just tell me why can't you get to the dial-before-you-dig internets.
  • "I'm a ****;
  • Hey Rupert, I found the perfect place for the FOX Blacklist Bunker
  • Zuckerberg? Stephen Conroy...umm, what are you wearing? I'm wearing my Google boxers...
  • "Your cable is going in Rupert. I can see it as we speak. We'll control the contemptible sheeple one way or another. Over."
  • "Yes, this is the only way we can safe from Google's spying StreetView cars. I was going to bring a tin can and piece of string, but the string wasn't long enough."
    Dean Harding
  • "What was the address for Google's offices again? This isn't what it looked like on Streetview!"
  • "Senator Steven Conroy orders the burial of his filter critics at a WA mine recently closed by the Government's new super profits tax"
  • "Now where did you see that Telstra Director burying the money?"


    "When I said fibre to the home I didn't mean wood pulp..."

    or perhaps

    "Do these wirless handets to Gb/Sec ?"
    Andrew Castle