Credit policy shift costs ntl:Telewest customers

Credit policy shift costs ntl:Telewest customers

Summary: A set of mixed Q2 results prompts the company to blame a drop in customer numbers on a realigned credit policy and people moving house

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Cable provider ntl:Telewest has blamed its shedding of customers on the realignment of its credit policy, as well as a seasonal increase in people moving house.

The company, which recently launched a "quad-play" (cable television, Internet, home phone and mobile) offensive, released its Q2 results yesterday, which showed its telephony and television departments had both lost customers.

Broadband uptake was up by just over 100,000 customers, but the division lost market share over the quarter. Revenue from corporate customers was also significantly up.

In total, ntl:Telewest's customer base shrank by 18,900 in the quarter.

A spokesperson for ntl:Telewest told ZDNet UK on Wednesday that customer figures had fallen as "we tightened up the [NTL] credit policy [in line with Telewest's policy] so if you have a non-paying person we would disconnect them more quickly than before".

"Inevitably you will lose customers that way," the spokesperson continued, adding that people moving house in the summer was another contributing factor.

NTL acquired Telewest for £3.4bn in March, and Virgin Mobile was bought by the company for just under £1bn a month later.

Topic: Networking

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  • ntl=hell they got my bill wrong for a full year in the end the morons cut me off as id not paid what i didnt owe them, they then told me id not been cut off! though th e service wasnt working..well did it ever...word gets around about a companys shite customer service and inferior product, everytime ntl fail to fix a customers problems..or rather there own billing problems we talk to people..word spreads and u loose tens of thousands of customers ntl has and we put of far more from ever signing up...ntl totallly bullshit service..whoever trains call center staff must have zero gcse and be a serious drug user thats the only way i can figure out how a huge company could end up with so many idiots without brains all working for the same company