Cryogenics chilled systems at CeBIT

Cryogenics chilled systems at CeBIT

Summary: Amid the talk of green and power-efficient computing at CeBIT this year, in some cases it is all about faster and cooler — and in one instance, that involves liquid nitrogen

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  • This liquid-cooled system put together by cooling company Zalman is suitable for noise-sensitive environments, where air-conditioning or fans may be too disruptive, the company claims. Korea-based Zalman didn't have a figure for the decibels, but the system was near-noiseless, tucked away in a quiet corner of the CeBIT show in Hanover.

  • The inside of this PC, from motherboard maker Foxconn, looks more like a refrigerator.

  • If you want to get a system running really cool, there's only one option: liquid nitrogen, as seen in the wings of the Foxconn stand at CeBIT.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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