Custom Moto X devices available soon from Republic Wireless

Custom Moto X devices available soon from Republic Wireless

Summary: Republic Wireless is a great no-contract carrier alternative and they offer the fantastic Moto X. Starting on 1 April you will be able to customize your Moto X to use with their service.

Custom Moto X devices available soon from Republic Wireless
(Image: Motorola)

Despite testing out the fantastic HTC One (M8), I keep grabbing my custom Moto X because of all the great enhancements Motorola provides. Republic Wireless offers an inexpensive and functional Moto X service combination and just announced it will get better tomorrow with Moto Maker support.

At this time you can purchase a custom Moto X for the big four carriers, but starting tomorrow at noon Eastern time you will be able to order a custom Moto X that works on Republic Wireless. The no-contract Moto X will retail for $349.99 (16GB) and $399.99 (32GB) with free shipping. The first 2,000 customers who visit starting at 11:00 am Eastern time will get a coupon for a free upgrade to bamboo or other wood finish (a $25 value).

Republic Wireless has four attractive plan offers with absolutely no contract. The phone is locked to their network because of the unique way it uses WiFi for calling. The four plans include:

  • $5 WiFi only plan
  • $10 WiFi with unlimited cellular talk and text
  • 25 WiFi with 3G unlimited cellular talk and text
  • $40 WiFi with 4G unlimited cellular talk and text

The Republic Wireless Moto X is a great alternative to locking yourself into one of the big four carriers and it is made an even more attractive option with custom Moto X devices.

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  • KitKat?

    When is the Republic Wireless Moto X rollout of Android 4.4 KitKat? I heard 1Q2014, but it's 2Q2014 now. Anyone know for sure? Thanks!
  • Republic Wireless New Referral Program!!

    Here is my referral link to save $20, enjoy!
  • Highly recommend

    I have been using Republic Wireless for some time now and I really like it. I decided to go with the Moto G. Setup was flawless and for me, the Sprint network works just fine. The transition from wifi
    to cellular is seamless most of the time. You can manually switch it if you need to. I would highly recommend the phone and the service. If you want to save $20 on your order, please use my referral link of
  • Awesome deal

    I recently bought the Moto G for my 13 year old son. We live in an area with good Sprint coverage and so the service has been excellent. I signed him up for the $10 per month plan which is perfect for kids (and adults) who need to be able to call and text from anywhere (within the sprint network) and can live with internet access only via wifi. Would have been an extra $40 per month to add to my verizon account.

    Use this link to get both of us $20 off when you buy the moto G or moto X.
  • Republic Wireless

    I switched to Republic Wireless a few weeks ago and I am very happy with the service and the price. I got the Moto X (great phone) with the $10/month plan. No problems, so far. If you want to save $20 on your order, you can use my referral code link:
    Chris Mont