Cyber Monday 2012 tablet deals: 8GB Kindle Fire for $129, Google Nexus 7 32GB for $229.99

Cyber Monday 2012 tablet deals: 8GB Kindle Fire for $129, Google Nexus 7 32GB for $229.99

Summary: Amazon chops $30 off its cheapest Kindle Fire, while the Microsoft Store has a sale on a Windows 8 Acer Iconia for $399.

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The tablet market is still young enough that you won't see some of the crazy pricing you'll sometimes witness for, say, HDTVs, during the holiday shopping season, so you have to take what you can get in terms of deals. Luckily, there is no shortage of sales on Cyber Monday for tablets of various flavors.

Most prominent is a deal Amazon is offering on its lowest priced Kindle Fire. The 8GB version of the 7-inch slate is just $129 today, $30 off the regular price. No other Kindles are on sale, however, though Amazon is selling the 7-inch Toshiba Thrive Android tablet for $248.86 and the 10.1-inch Lenovo IdeaTab S2110, also running Android, for $299.99.

Best known for its auction-based sales, eBay is trying to resemble a more traditional online shopping experience this holiday season, offering deals from its legion of partner stores. For Cyber Monday, its highest profile tablet deal is $20 off the Google Nexus 7 with 32GB of capacity; the $229.99 sale is through, but only if you purchase at

Microsoft isn't ready to chop prices on its new Surface RT tablets, but it is discounting one Windows 8 tablet through its online store. The Acer Iconia W510-1674 gets a $100 trim to cost just $399 for a 10.1-inch slate with 32GB of storage. You can also grab a 10.1-inch Iconia running Android from Target for $299.99, or $50 off the regular price.

Full-size Android tablets continue to receive the brunt of the price reductions, from $219.92 for a 9.7-inch Lenovo IdeaTab S2109 at Office Depot to a 9.4-inch Sony for $349.99 at Target (albeit one using an older Nvidia Tegra 2 processor) to $399.99 for Toshiba Excite 10 models from the Toshiba online store (running either a Tegra 3 or TI OMAP 4430 processor).

As usual, deals for an Apple iPad. any iPad, are few and far between, and are usually on refurbished versions. Even a legit deal, such as a Google Offers promotion that lets you purchase a third-generation iPad (the first one with Retina Display) for $580 for a 32GB version through Newegg -- a whole $19 off! -- is hardly what you can call a "deal," as you can grab a newer model with Retina Display and the same capacity through Apple for $599. If you want to buy an iPad this holiday season, just be prepared to pay full price for it and forget the various "specials" that just aren't too special.

Topic: Tablets

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  • Kindle Fire Docking Station on sale

    If you have, or are planning on getting, a Kindle Fire (not HD) also check out ReaderDock F-Station, a charging dock with speakers for the original 7" Kindle Fire on sale for $53.99 with free shipping at
  • Just ordered my Acer Iconia W510 - thanks for the info!

    I sold my used Acer Iconia W500 last month so I could buy a new Windows 8 tablet and had been waiting and waiting for them to be available - much less for sale. So I jumped right on the Microsoft store offer after reading your article!

    • why are you wasting your money?

      you are pissing against the wind if you buy windoze tablets!
      They will fail because the FOSS community rejected that proprietary OS.
      The Linux Geek
      • *eyes rolling*

        I'm sure everything you spend your money on is extremely productive and a great return on investment. Please.
      • The FOSS community?

        You man all 6 of you frothing at the mouth zealots*? Right. Why are you wasting your time on here, get those tables cleaned! My God man your manager took you off of the fryer because you kept wasting time...

        *This is not directed towards the majority of the FOSS community BTW just those rabid frothing at the mouth zealots like Linux Geek who cannot see that other OSes have their uses as well.
  • Nexus 7 price misprint?

    I notice no links were given in this blog. I have searched both and eBay for the $229.99 price. The best I could find was at $249.99... And by the way Adorama also has the 32GB Nexus 7 for $249.99, but they are temporarily sold out.
    Jim Johnson