Cybercriminals start spamvertising Xmas themed scams and malware campaigns

Cybercriminals start spamvertising Xmas themed scams and malware campaigns

Summary: Security researchers from Symantec are warning about a recently intercepted flood of Xmas themed malicious and fraudulent campaigns.

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Security researchers from Symantec are warning about a recently intercepted flood of Xmas themed malicious and fraudulent campaigns. Isn't it too early for such type of campaigns to be launched, or are the spammers behind these campaigns relying on a different set of marketing tactics? The campaign is a great example of a flawed event-based social engineering attempt. Not only are the senders completely unknown by the recipients, but also, users are exposed to fraudulent E-shops for counterfreit shops, something that weren't looking for to begin with.

The mentality behind these types of campaigns is fairly simple - starting from the basic fact that a user will not be interested in requesting bulk orders of viagra by default, the cybercriminals are relying on incidential discovery of their fraudulent proposition in an attempt to convert these users into potential customers.

Over the past year, we've seen numerous attempts to entice users into clicking on these links, by impersonating a legitimate message or notification from a respected, trusted and well known brands. These are prone to intensify over the next two months.

Users are advised to avoid clicking on links found in such messages, and to report them as spam immediatelly.

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Topic: Security

Dancho Danchev

About Dancho Danchev

Dancho Danchev is an independent security consultant and cyber threats analyst, with extensive experience in open source intelligence gathering, malware and cybercrime incident response.

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  • Too Early?

    Heck the stores have had the Christmas stuff up since mid-October. They are running late! . This is the time of year when it is hard even for those of us who know better, not to click on one of these links. Another one is the e-greeting card scam, which is really tough because I know some people who use them almost exclusively now. But I cringe every time I get one. Usually I just pass them by, and if the people ask me about it, I lie and say I got it. I just got one with coupons for a big name store. Since the link was not what I expected, I passed it by too. Too bad, I could have used the 25% off. Oh well. Tis the season to be spamming....
    • My secret... to never show any interest in something marked "As seen on TV"!
  • And then again

    On the very same page telling us to avoid things that seem too good to be true - you see this: - Your chance to win $500! - IT Priorities Data and Business Analytics Survey
  • I forget...

    ...what does "incidential" mean again...?

    Someone needs an editor for Xmas.
  • Phishing growing as well

    I'm seeing a rash of e-mail from names familiar to me, harvested not from my account but from sent e-mail from that's being intercepted and the headers copied. I've been getting spam under a friend's name from an e-mail account he doesn't have. I know of no way to stop this, either, and it's going to be a problem this season. Everyone needs to be very cautious with e-mail that arrives without subject lines from people they ostensibly know, and not click on the links in one- or two-line messages.

    Beware. The PC you save could be your own.
    • This makes me wonnder

      ...if we shouldn't develop a new form of mail, one that can be delivered only through an authorized service, can only be delivered once, or forwarded once, and fraud can be prosecuted with serious punishment

      any ideas?
  • sand boxit!

    A Virtualbox copy of Linux keeps me free of worry, as in the inconceivable notion that any of these malware attacks are geared toward Linux OS's I can nuke and rebuild in literally seconds. Click like a mad man!