Data#3 wins NBN office IT roll-out

Data#3 wins NBN office IT roll-out

Summary: Diversified ICT products and services group Data#3 has won a fistful of contracts to design, deploy and manage the National Broadband Network Company's corporate IT infrastructure.

TOPICS: NBN, Broadband, Microsoft

Diversified ICT products and services group Data#3 has won a fistful of contracts to design, deploy and manage the National Broadband Network Company's corporate IT infrastructure.

Mike Quigley

Mike Quigley
(Credit: Alcatel-Lucent)

Announcing the deals today, Data#3 managing director John Grant said NBN Co had put four contracts out to market about four months ago to support its corporate environment, as distinct from its planned network roll-out. Data#3 bid for and won all four tenders.

"It covered the design and deployment of technology infrastructure and managed services," said Grant, noting the deals covered services relating to the NBN Co's corporate network, and for example, email platform (Microsoft Exchange).

The estimated timing of the release of the tender documents would mean they were made available to IT suppliers around the same time — or even before — former Alcatel executive Mike Quigley took the NBN Co CEO role on 25 July.

The NBN Company has not yet gone to market for most of the goods and services it will require to fulfil its plans to roll out optical fibre infrastructure across the nation, although its Tasmanian subsidiary has put some work on the market.

The NBN Company is known to have taken offices in North Sydney, but has not announced further details about its planned office locations around Australia as yet.

Broadly, Data#3 said today that it had made a good start to its financial year, winning not only the NBN Co deals but other contracts with companies like McWilliams Wines, NAB's wholesale division and in various state governments.

"We are continuing to experience restraint in customer investment and higher levels of market competition and these are materialising as pressure on pricing and margins," said Data#3 chairman Richard Anderson in a statement associated with the company's annual general meeting today.

"However, we have a diversified business with much of our revenue under contract and our objectives for the 2010 financial year remain to gain market share, continue to build sustainable profitability through appropriate investments and to improve on the record performance of 2009."

Topics: NBN, Broadband, Microsoft

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  • NBN is a waste of money

    It is better to let free market handle this investment.

    Do we really need to download youtube faster than 24mbit
  • Are you sure?

    Was there youtube before when we only had dialup? Do we really need cars? Horses are fine for transport.

    We don't know whats going to be coming with the increased bandwidth. Triple Play (Voice, data and TV) will be one of them. Its something that just needs to be done.
    Would copper have been rolled out everywhere if it wasnt done by the government? Where is the business sense in laying fibre to regional communities? The government needs to do this.
  • Where's the innovation?

    Surely the NBN and Data#3 should be looking at using this as a demonstration of the capabilites we, the mugs who are paying for it, can expect from this wonderful high speed network. They should be looking at thin-client technology, virtualisation and SaaS for the office environment. As for infrastructure, if they look at cloud computing then surely all they need is one line (fibre of course) in to their offices. Of course as an Australian service company all data#3 are really interested in is the money, not actually doing anything useful and innovative. I guess that's why they've already gone Ms everything. Of course their big fat pipe will help with downloading all the service packs.
  • Comprehension problems...

    You clearly missed what the article was actually saying. It stressed a couple of times that the services Data#3 are providing are for the NBN Company in house operations, and nothing to do with the build of the actual NBN.
  • LOL let the market handle this? you Got to be joking!

    When we let the market handle things like this, they just sell out, just like Beven from PIPE Networks just sold PIPE Networks to SP Telemedia (SOT).

    This is what happends when you let market handle things, it doesn't do jack shit.
  • Interesting Article

    for all the smoke and mirrors and what is doesn't say.

    John Grant is the managing director and also large company share owner who has reported all fincancial detail for D3 for many years.

    John Grant is a senior staff member with NBN

    Does anybody else see an interesting conflict of one company paying for services that isbeing acquired from the company that person ownes and operates
  • Huh?

    Pretty sure John Grant doesn't work for NBN. So I find it difficult to see any conflict.
  • You are right...

    He works for the Information Technology Industry Innovation Council which is supposed to be highly integrated with all things NBN are to deliver to Australia
  • re You are right...

    Still has a certain smell of misplaced $$$'s to me. (John Grant's company's involvement, that is)
  • Really?

    Other members of the Innovation Council include the MDs from Microsoft & IBM - are you going to say its strange if their products or services are included in future projects?
  • RLY


    That just justifies everything then doesn't it.
  • .....Really?

    You're right. I concede that comment of mine was a little off beam. (Must have been the wine)
  • Missing the point...

    I didn't miss the point. I knew it was for in-house operations and they should be looking to innovate at this level - you've got to start somewhere so how about eating some of your own dog-food.
  • John Grant

    We rang him, and he said that there might be another John Grant, but that he himself has not worked as a staff member on the NBN. He does chair the Information Technology Industry Innovation Council, but that isn't related to the NBN. It's under Senator Carr, not Conroy.