Transforming the Datacenter

Datacenter transformation drives IT innovation

Datacenter transformation drives IT innovation

Summary: The datacenter is the new black. Like black, the ideal datacenter “goes with everything.” New and collaborative technologies are powering IT innovation and opportunity today, and they have begun to coalesce in the datacenter.

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The datacenter is the new black. Like black, the ideal datacenter “goes with everything.” New and collaborative technologies are powering IT innovation and opportunity today, and they have begun to coalesce in the datacenter.

Here’s why that should come as no surprise: The datacenter is the backbone of most companies – not to mention the cloud. And that’s where I come in: The datacenter is poised to replace cloud as the next hot topic. My job is to sort out the transformation, find the plots and figure out how it all gels together, especially since businesses are investing more and more IT budget to build out their datacenters.

The transformation of the datacenter really is a story with two plots. One has to do with the datacenter itself and how technology has both enhanced what is possible and challenged organizations. The rest of the story has to do with how this technology innovation is in turn transforming the way organizations think about IT, and the way IT-driven business processes are changing. The challenge for many organizations is in understanding how best to harness these technological advancements to their business advantage.

In this blog, I’ll discuss the datacenter and what the latest developments mean to datacenter management and IT operations. As an independent consultant specializing in cloud computing and its related technologies, I have spent the bulk of the last decade working with multinational corporations as they refine enterprise architectures to cope with, and benefit from, new trends that are relevant to IT.

And guess what? There is not a single company among them that isn’t developing a plan to revamp their infrastructure so that they can take advantage of clouds, give their users flexibility, and exploit the information assets they are able to aggregate.

IT managers responsible for getting the most out of their datacenters face conflicting forces. On one hand, there is growing pressure on IT departments to reduce costs while simultaneously improving quality. On the other hand, technology is advancing rapidly on all fronts. Whether we are looking at servers, storage or networking, new capabilities make it possible to fundamentally redesign the datacenter for much better efficiency.

In the coming months, I will delve inside the datacenter to illuminate strategies capable of driving benefit to organizations that leverage them effectively. I look forward to exploring these topics, and I also look forward to your responses and input. Datacenter transformation is a huge and exciting movement that is already impacting the way all of us live and work.

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Topic: Data Centers

John Rhoton

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John Rhoton is a contributor to CBS Interactive's custom content group, which powers this Microsoft sponsored blog. He is a technology strategist who specializes in consulting to global enterprise customers with a focus on cloud computing.His tenure in the IT industry spans over twenty-five years at major technology companies, defining and implementing business strategy. He has recently led corporate technical strategy development, business development, and adoption of cloud services, datacenter transformation, mobility, security and next-generation networking, while also driving key corporate knowledge management and community-building programs.John is the author of six books.

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    Sorry, but a blog site sponsored by Microsoft is going to tout - what else? Microsoft. As much as the Microsoft FUD states otherwise, VMWare is still the clear leader in the field with Microsoft a distance second.
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    Hi Jammer466,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Most of the content of this blog is not specific to Microsoft and the intent is not to provide competitive positioning. There are a few product references for the purpose of illustration but the ideas should apply just as well to other vendors with comparable offerings.

    I would hope you can find value in the postings regardless of your technology preferences.

    Best regards,

    John (@johnrhoton)
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